Hey there Chronic Illness Buddies & Allied Friends,

You know, it doesn’t just have to be about pain!

Find love, leave pain, gain time, and activate your joy, all in spite of having a chronic illness!

You are in the exact right place if:

  • You have (or someone you know has) a chronic illness
  • You just can’t seem to deal
  • You feel like you are wasting your time in bed all the time
  • It’s just not fair
  • It seems like it may never get better
  • You are so incredibly fearful of what comes next with your chronic illness

Deep Down Inside…

  • You want to release that pain
  • You need more energy
  • You value time out of bed and with your friends
  • You. Are. a FIGHTER! (Let’s bring that to the forefront!)
  • You know that there has to be hope out there… and you want a pathway towards it.

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What makes you great?

Having a chronic illness doesn’t make you weak. Quite the contrary

Because you have something that could either make or break you, let’s definitely MAKE YOU SHINE!

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What People Say

(Pssst… Learn for Yourself!)

“Kristen… is extremely caring and empathetic”


“Kristen’s journey is inspiring”

M.C., friend and mentor

‘My favorite part of the workshop was hearing how each of us applies the five [pillars designed by Kristen]… It made me grateful for how fortunate I’ve been compared to… others… I enjoyed [Kristen’s] enthusiasm and candor, and would have liked to know even more about [her] illness and how joy helps [her] thrive”

David R., workshop attendee