Hi There and Welcome!

So, you may or may not have guessed that this blog is NOT about beer.

Whomp whomp.

Yeah, I know I may have lost some people out there. What can I say? I’m more of a red wine person myself. Or sweet rosé!

But trust me, you and/or someone you know can get something out of this blog. Life is all about loving it and ourselves and each other through times of storms and happy days alike. So… what does this blog have to do with that? Or anything, really? I gotchu.

But first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kristen Eileen Guest – or Kris -, hence ‘KEG’ in the title.

My life has been wrought with storm, whether due to illness, death and loss, or just an all-together bad day and time. I am still dealing with a life of Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, after an original diagnosis of Lupus at five years old, which eventually progressed. I am now 33. Over the years, Scleroderma and/or Lupus became most prominent, symptoms waxing and waning year after year.

If I was an adrenaline junky, into rollercoaster and death-defying experiences, this might have been a thrill…

but I’m not, so it has not been easy at all.

More recently, I lost my job as a social worker for homeless women and families after being inpatient in the hospital on and off for months. Truly, things have not been easy. But that just makes the journey towards greater love and happiness more real, right?

While Scleroderma creates some stricture and slowing of my organs, Lupus has caused inflammation that increases the varying symptoms of the overlapping autoimmune illnesses. Therefore, I have been receiving treatment the last year and a half for chronic small bowel obstructions, hardening around my GI organs and muscles, and chronic chylous ascites. More on all this and others later, if you’d like.

But for now – back to love.

The experiences I’ve had – good and bad – have all led me to this belief:

love is the simplest answer. It is the answer.

Love is way more than a simple feeling or emotion. It is an action, a calling on the lives of all humans. It is, of course, an individual’s choice whether to answer such a calling. But if each person did, or would, lives could be changed for the better. My life has been changed by the love I received throughout my life. Not only that, but it has been changed by the love I continue to give to and receive from others.

My life and work and explorations from here on are for sharing – with YOU! I hope you will enjoy and try out any of my shared practices, life exercises, and/or recipes (because, why not?).

Additionally, it would be wonderful to hear from you in the comments on your best practices for showing and receiving love. In all we do here, we shall be adding love; while continuing to take a lifelong journey towards love together.

Peace, Joy,… and Love,


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