Let’s talk about Purpose, Babyyyy – Though Not Just You and Me*

Okay, yes, I know, I know; I gave a lot of myself away in my last post, about one of the most important people in my life. My mother is everything to me; even now. She has always been – and remains – my rock and strength in different ways. Yet, it’s important for me to be transparent here and introduce myself before we dive into the many ways in which we, as a society, can produce and ‘explode’ love into this world. My mother is one of the – if not THE – biggest parts of me.

So, yes, I gave you a big dose of me early on by writing what I did in my previous post. And… #sorrynotsorry.

Just know, if it brought up anything for you – feelings, emotions, thoughts, needs- please realize you are more than welcome to use my email given here on this site (k.guest@fortheloveofkeg.com). That’s literally part of why I’m here. Let’s continue to mend together.

Now, let’s talk about purpose, baby.

If you are a human being, then chances are you have questioned your purpose in life at one point or another. I certainly have, many times, over the last several years.

When I was diagnosed with Lupus, Scleroderma, and then Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder as a youngster, it truly scared my parents and family. Now, it can still scare me from time to time. Since then I only have a sense or memory of two major episodes during which I fought for my life; a couple years after my initial diagnosis was one. The other time I can remember clearly was last year. A long and treacherous battle with my autoimmune illness left me seeking advice from great physicians on how to be able to eat and digest again. Not just that; there was also the question of how – and whether again – I could live. Lying in a hospital bed on and off for weeks and months at a time was no fun, though I was honestly used to it by the time I started getting chronic SBOs (small bowel obstructions) at the beginning of 2019. So, while I felt like my life was over as I knew it, I wasn’t under the impression that I could be right. The doctor didn’t want me to know at first, but during my worst weeks of vomiting, passing out for hours during the day, crying and shaking myself to sleep, and weeks upon weeks of NG tubes sucking out my stomach contents, he himself started to question my ability to make it.

Me and my NG Tube (one of many)
Vulnerability builds character – and sometimes it’s sexy AF *shrug*

Well, fast forward to now – two plus surgeries and a feeding tube later, I am very much alive and SO grateful. AND sure, now more than ever, that my purpose truly exists; and that yours does too.

Purpose is more than what you do and the reason you’re alive… it’s the reason we exist.

What’s the difference? Why, I’m so glad you asked. 😉

Notice, first, where I said “you” versus “we.” Purpose involves the ways in which one person finds meaning towards creating a better world. Of course, purpose can’t be forced or made with actions that create resentment. Purpose is something a person has a true passion for; because my belief: heal yourself and you can heal the world. One must ENJOY the activation of purpose. Whatever we do, please, let’s make sure we enjoy the how of serving others. And don’t think that service cannot be enjoyable – the most inconspicuous acts of love and grace and meaning can work wonders on this world… and that could, indeed, be one’s purpose.

Though one may know what their purpose is, it is very possible to be unaware of how to achieve such purpose.

For example, I have had many a leader and mentor tell me what at least part of my purpose has always been – to which I agree. Multiple people have confirmed that my mission in life is to heal. Because of the suffering and pain in my life, past and present, I have experienced those feelings that needed healing – meaning pushing past the fear of many negatives and activating the joy that really was already surrounding me – with and through love.

My mom’s fave flower – the stargazer Lilly. My sign for love and healing.

Joy is a state of being where one can find themselves in the constant service of others… and enjoying it thoroughly because it is done with a deep and unwavering passion. Passion for life, happiness, people, and healing that many never knew could even exist inside of them. Acting in love creates this state, as joy is a state of true and abiding love. Therefore, activating joy is heavily intertwined with seeking, creating, growing in, and achieving one’s purpose. It never stops, and it’s lovely.

I’m SO excited to be creating resources that help others activate joy, achieve purpose, wipe out fear, and heal, heal, heal! Really, y’all; we must heal ourselves so we can empower others to heal, and then heal the world.


Want to know more?

Whether you are grieving a loss (of any kind), recovering from or going through a painful, life-altering experience, or are simply missing the joy and wondering where it’s hiding (current global pandemic experience counts!): keep reading, email me (in fact, I am currently searching for any women – ages 25 to 60 – who would be willing to chat for an informational interview for my work on creating resources… email me! k.guest@fortheloveofkeg.com), seek guidance where you can get it. We must be in this together. We CAN be in this together. Let’s activate joy, live in love, and heal the world, everyone!

Until next time…


* I won’t bore or overwhelm you with the whole story of living with my illness all at once. It’s been a long and difficult journey and my story with its lessons will take some time to tell. So, over the course of the coming posts, I will let readers know the many lessons I have learned on the road to healing with and through chronic illness. AND, I hope that many, if not all, of these lessons are also helpful to you all, my readers. Life is not easy – never has been. However, it will get easier, because we are able to heal with the activation of joy. Here’s to figuring out how together. Read and love on, my good people! Love. On.

Love to you all.  

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