Activate Joy!!… Huh?

Welp, it’s about time to discuss what I mean by “Activate Joy”. I know I’ve gotten at least a few of you out there confused. Why not just say, “Create Joy” or “Have Joy” for that matter? Because it’s not just about having joy; or creating it. You have to really put it into practice with energy and intention; you’ve got to activate it!

Chrysanthemums symbolize
optimism and JOY!! 🙂

Joy is a superpower. An innate and marvelous superpower that – though inherent in our spirits – needs to be tapped and energized.

Joy is Like a Battery

Think about a battery. It’s a source of power. Yet, until you connect the source to the subject requiring the power – by way of energy created through battery’s position -, it’s not going to do much of anything.

Joy, just like a battery, will take you (as the subject) from latent to ACTIVE. Joy is the source of power you need to activate using various steps that, when combined, work for you.

Why Did I Choose That Phrase, Though?

There’s another reason I use the phrase “activate joy” specifically, though.

I remember as a child loving to spend time with family (still do). One thing we did was watch superhero shows and movies.

Some of my faves include:

  • Inspector Gadget (remember??!: “doodoo doodoo doo, Inspector Gaadget!”)
  • Superman
  • Captain Planet (“By your powers combined”, I still know the whole intro song too… try me!)
  • (of course) the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

The human body and mind are amazing; the regeneration and potential for change amongst all of them is astounding when you truly think about it. So why shouldn’t we ALL just be superheroes??!

Like it was yesterday…

For whatever reasons, my brothers and I loved – and seemed to find it necessary – to assign one of the main characters of a superhero team to each of the three of us based on some similar characteristics. For instance: In the 3 Ninjas – the original movie, of course – there were Ricky, Colt, and TumTum (who even remembers the characters’ actual names?? Haha). Well, because of our succession in age, I was Rocky (fine, he had the significant other…) and my younger brothers were Colt and TumTum – which kinda worked out anyway, since my youngest brother was also a voracious eater, like TumTum. I won’t mention who had which power ranger – mostly because, though it was fun at the time, now I’m like, “geez, what were we thinking?!” (Btw, none of us picked Zack, the black ranger…) Oh well. *Shrug*

Anyway, these superheroes, besides having amazingly cool outfits, had key phrases/code words to morph them from their regular self into their ultra-powerful persona, ready to save the world (or the neighborhood). And did I mention their outfits were super cool? Some even got caper (others didn’t need one 😉)

Their code words spanned a wide range of words and phrases – but I personally have an affinity from “ACTIVATE!”, as we can all now see… 😊!

Why We Are All Superheroes

So, activating joy, in my mind, is reminiscent of those superheroes I looked up to during childhood, with joy being one of the ultimate superpowers today. The human body and mind are amazing; the regeneration and potential for change amongst all of them is astounding when you truly think about it. So why shouldn’t we ALL just be superheroes??!

Courtesy of A. Uemura!!

Well, I know one thing: for taking a step towards joy and learning – partly by reading this blog post – you are MY hero! For real.

Having joy through pain and struggle is something one must decide to do… every day. And with support. Having help doesn’t make anyone any less incredible or… super! So, go ahead, ask!

Take that leap of faith, talk to yourself about how wonderful you – with precious self-affirmations, do something that makes you happy today! Now!



Latest FB Post on the superpower of joy

*My biggest goal in life right now is to share my story and use it to teach and empower others to believe in themselves and their joy superpower*. I am creating a course on captivating and activating joy through various steps that I would love to teach and show you. Feel free to make an appointment to jump on a brief call today to learn more! As well, I have a few more 1:1 coaching spots open, which will be a wonderful way to continue the journey to joy, which will increase/better your mood, your chance at meaning and life, and your achievement of goals. This will also require a free discover call with me.

So, please, continue this journey with me. Click the link below to sign up for a FREE discovery call today! Love y’all! ❤

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