Showing Some Love

Family and supportive circles are an amazing gift. I am praying that, to increase joy and find love and peace, everyone is able to create their own circles for activation of joy.

Speaking of family… Do you know what today is?

No? Hmmm… Maybe you shouldn’t… *shrug*

But I’ll tell you anyway.

It’s my sister’s BIRTHDAY!! She was born on this exact day (May 6th) several years ago 😉.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, wonderful and talented sister. I love you so much, Missmiss.

What Happens When You Love So Deeply?

It can be hard having such a tenderness in my heart for my family – blood or chosen – because of how far I am in proximity from my sister. We usually get to see each other one time a year or more – with the record of four times in a year recently. Still, that can be entirely too low a number. especially considering she is my lovely SISTER and I love her immensely. We have been so close for so long. So close that I got on her nerves quite a bit and she could push the most sensitive button in my soul much of the time. You know the one – which no one else could really reach. As though she found her way into a secret compartment of the maze that is my heart, where no one else was even close to finding… and deliberately (or not) whacked a mole with all her might as many times as she could. To make matters even more “interesting”, I cry when I’m angry. So during my teenage years, I tended to cry quite a bit during visits to see my sister.

What’s That All About?

Now that I’ve increased a bit of my self-awareness greatly, I realize how much those reactions had to do with me and where I was in life. I don’t blame her in the slightest for my reactions. Those whack-a-moles can be ever so tempting! 😉 Seriously, though, I now realize there was something that needed to happen within me to keep her, or anyone, from making me sensitive, or angry. I needed to activate my joy (you knew I was going to say that, right??)! Or, I at least needed to get close…

Me, NOT crying 😉

When I found out that one of the issues was how little I valued or loved myself, I began the work. It’s not that I don’t have that button anymore… It shows itself a little more prominently every now and then. The answer now is that the fortress around the button is a bit harder to push through, even for one of the people I love and value most in this world. So, even when it’s family that is making it’s way to that button, it’s increasingly more important to ask yourself why, and increase self-love. So that pressing the button – or trying to – creates a discussion and not a one-sided cry-fest.

Other Posts on Self-Love?

I would love to create another post about the elements of self-love that I must keep in mind to turn around my self-loathing and hurt. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Until next time, Loves! Love yourself always!

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