It’s About the Journey

*Short Post Alert!! It’s been a fairly tough week, so it’s time to get pretty vulnerable.* 

On this morning, I lay in my hospital bed… again… inpatient for the past two days after coming into the emergency department with searing pain in my abdomen and an upward-heading fever (Covid-negative, woohoo!)

Can’t really deny this view, though…

The sunrise is amazingly, breathtakingly beautiful. It reminds me of the good God brings into the world and how to start my day in gratitude.

Doesn’t. Do It. Justice 🌅

I also worry; that my time on earth to see the sunrise is limited – though hopefully seeing it from the other side will be even better.

This Isnt the First Time

2019: The Year of SBOs and Sexy NG Tubes

In July of 2018, I had the same intense pain, and learned in the ED that for a while I had been dealing with an increasing level of ascites, or fluid in the abdominal cavity. There are any number of reasons why such an issue happens; in my case, it seems to be chyle that makes up the fluid – matter coming straight from the lymphatic system in the form of a thick, milky white liquid with fat cells and other cells as well mixed in. By January of 2019, I not only had the ascites to worry about, but also the massive agitation of my entire GI tract, with chronic small bowel obstructions that put me in the hospital for weeks and months at a time for the entire year. I am so grateful for all of my friends And family who have been there during that time, when not even the doctors knew exactly what would or could happen. But God did and does.

The Problem with Being a Reader

Science says that, with Scleroderma patients, full involvement of the GI system gives them about a 15% chance of living past nine years.

“GI involvement is the presenting feature in just 10% of scleroderma cases, but autopsies have found involvement in 94%. Severe involvement has been found in only about 8% of cases, but just 15% of those patients survive more than nine years, and GI involvement is the third-leading cause of mortality in scleroderma.”

That makes me undeniably sad… but honestly I can and will be that 15%. I’m counting on reminders from you all!! Because what I really want to focus on in life is my gratitude and my life full of joy. No time like the present! 😍

Yet, Worry Not…

Focusing on days like these with people like this; my biggest little niece ♥️

Worry keeps pain in, so I won’t worry anymore. I will only thank God for everything and everyone I have in my life and maintain my joy towards my goal of making it to, or beyond, the year 2040. Hold me to it!! Love, peace, and joy!

And Black Lives Matter yesterday, today, and forever. ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  • KrisEG

6 thoughts on “It’s About the Journey

  1. You are indeed the 15%! I love your laser focus and positive attitude. I am so very proud of you on this journey and never let anything or anyone steal your joy. Worry not for God is able🙏🏾. You are our family jewel💎

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw, Krissy. The sunrises will always be there for you.

    Your optimism, joy, hope, and gratitude are, as always, inspiring.

    Love you.


  3. My brain says numbers and stats have to be included in those articles to legitimize them.😉 You want to be reminded that you are in the “15%”? I’m claiming greater for you. It’s His decision, not theirs. ❤️

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