The Mess Before the Joy… Is Now

I would like to get very clear and specific here today: what has been going on in the US and the world is NOT “NORMAL”… whatever normal truly means. Too many sad and horrifying things have happened to innocent, unassuming people; from the millions and millions of avoidable deaths at the hands of what many experts believe to be a preventable, and yet dangerous and fatal, virus, to the murders of George Floyd recently, and countless others before and since then. I am so hurt for the people and families I cannot claim by blood, but most certainly claim in my heart. And the fight is still not over on either of these counts. I am speaking out now because I want YOU to know that my belief in joy activation and activism is not done and is never complete without rooting out the exact problem as it stands. We cannot activate joy pushing through an issue without knowing exactly what that issue entails first and foremost. The way to do this, however, does not include living in fear. It is more a matter of fighting injustice with the heart – in fits of forgiveness and love.

Still, it is okay to be stuck in the messy part for a little while, before leaning into the joy. Hopefully, though, we don’t get stuck there too long!

When Forgiveness is Everything

This is not a popular opinion, I am sure, but I do believe everyone deserves some type of forgiveness. EVERYONE, including you and me!

Wait, so what am I saying?

Am I saying that D. Chauvin (I’m still having trouble saying his name) deserves forgiveness?

More or less… yes; that is exactly what I am saying. He does not necessarily have a right to forgiveness from us or anyone, but as a walking, talking, breathing being, his acts should be forgiven.

Trust me, I am not fully there yet myself. I can’t look at the pictures of May 25, 2020, let alone watch the video, without my heart tearing up and tears of unsquelchable anger seeping from my eyes. That day, while I was celebrating three loved one’s birthdays by singing them a birthday song through the phone, 46-year-old George Floyd was being murdered by a racist cop with a bone to pick… a very harsh, irrevocable, fatal bone.

Black Lives Matter… Today and forever

And yet, my belief remains strong; I am so totally and completely against senseless killing of innocent Black bodies, while also having faith that true and intentional forgiveness, alongside justice, WILL set us free.

In my eyes, amazing people, like the mothers of Tupac Shakur and Chris Smalls, are heroes and awesome examples of radical forgiveness.

Hopefully, you will join me in attempting the seemingly impossible task pf forgiving these killers and many more (on the journey we will follow here), after which we will give those people no more mind.

Now… Covid

Yes, indeed; these trying times have seemed to gain momentum every day. It seemed, at times, that there was nothing to do but get increasingly more frustrated, sad, fearful, and even angry. I know I can speak for myself when I say social distancing – never mind complete quarantine and isolation – is incredibly and increasingly harder each day. I am, by nature, an extrovert, but I believe the current situation is hard for everyone, as social and community-oriented beings. As a person with a serious and potentially fatal illness – as well as a deep affinity for people – these times are incredibly hard.

Out & About to see Queen Bey and her hubby pre-Covid

When it’s not happening to us subjectively, it is hard to take it as seriously, this pandemic. However, knowing that there is a likelihood that I would not survive contracting Covid-19, it is important that I overcome these hopes of being social physically with others very soon.

Yet, that does not mean I have given up all hope in general. It has always been critical for me to maintain a dose of reality while also “keeping the faith”. Yes, it is extremely difficult, yes it even wears me out to no end. But you know what? I’m not just more joyful for it in the long-run. Mentally, and therefore physically, I imagine a better future for myself and know that “this too shall pass”.

Self-Care is Necessary

In keeping with this sentiment, I find self-care – in whatever form one ascribes to themselves – to be the healer of those rifts between what we wish would happen and what we know can only actually happen at this point. Besides simply looking to the future when things will get better, take the action now to care for YOU, even if it may seem like a chore now and then.

Peace, Love, and so much Joy, Y’all!!

  • KEG

*Thank you so much for the support. Keep reading and I always love seeing the comments/responses below. How are you taking care of yourself, despite horrifying scenes in our world lately? Yes, taking care of YOU?? ❤

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