The Beauty in Disappointment – Joy Activation is Near

When I woke up this morning – very early – I decided I needed to see something beautiful. My spirit was yearning for it and I decided to satisfy. At 4:30 am, I left to head to the lookout for a 5:24am sunrise. I waited a bit before I got out, making sure to stay quiet for the sleeping neighbors in that area; peeping around and through and on the landscapes on all four sides of me.


Nature is beautiful, and the skyline beyond it just as picture perfect I was ready.

When Disappointment Strikes

I knew it was a bit hazy from the rainfall, but didn’t realize that because of that fog, I could not see my beloved sun, could not cherish its light or heated rays.

Aw man!! 5:24am

I was a bit disappointed, I drove all the way out to see it, after all. But I do realize that life does have its share of disappointments. This is especially true when we overlook original, small signs that we actually should not strive for the something we tried to get.

Can you name some disappointments in your life? How about those silly, small, but retrospectively significant red flags that say Stop, this is not your destiny? Yep, there are certainly many more in my life I can name.

What’s Important

What’s so incredibly important is to not beat yourself up for going for it anyway. Life is about taking risks, finding successes, and celebrating small wins on your way to the bigger successes. And of course, it is about activating that joy?

Honoring Self

How can we honor ourselves; praise ourselves for going for it? In what ways do we find our joy any-daggone-way??

Life is full of nature and wonder, it makes me marvel at the creation of God and man both. Oh what we can do when we put our mind to it! So go for it, y’all! Yes, sometimes you will be disappointed. However, a life of what ifs is much less of a life than one with failures that shape your ultimate success.

Later that day, at the water… such beauty

Love you all! Joy and Love to you.


Kris G.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty in Disappointment – Joy Activation is Near

  1. Your post offers so many ideas- thank you!
    How do you define “activating that joy?” Do you mean your own joy?


    1. Hey Love!! Thanks for the feedback and the brilliant question!! Yes, when I speak if activating joy, I am talking about our own personal joy, for which we are most responsible. Creating, pushing through, popping out, taking action to make joy a staple in your life. I’m working on some resources that will discuss the further “steps” involved in my own process towards healing and joy, but hope this helps for now!


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