Let’s Talk About Pain (Babyyy)

*Note to My Readers: This has been an incredibly difficult month. Sometimes it’s expected, and sometimes it creeps up and hits you like a ton of bricks. What I am most thankful for in this endeavor – choosing to write for my own clarity and sanity and having you join with me in doing so – is that I have some faithfully kind and patient readers! Hoping to be back for the long haul, but whether I am or not, I am enjoying this journey, even with its many hiccups (to put it lightly!)

While away these last couple of weeks, I spent the greater part of a week in the fetal positions with a  pillow between my knees (when I figured out that was more comfortable a position than most). Why? Pain. More specifically, abdominal pain.

Procedures and inflammation and scarring and tests, and more. Each contributed to the pain in its own way, and also helps explain, or search for, the locus of this pain. None of that really mattered while in the thick of it, though. Because all I could see and feel and experience for a few days was searing, uncontrollable, angry pain.

Is Pain Important?

Pain is inherent in the human experience, and comes in all different forms within and outside the body. The nature of pain, in mu own experience, is two-fold; it has two purposes. One is to send a wake-up call, letting you and your body know that something is up – wrong, amiss, weird; whichever way you want to say it. The other purpose is a little more subtle, so subtle that not everyone agrees with it being accurate. Strength: pain comes, and stays, to encourage and grow the strength in you – your body, mind, and spirit. Without recognizing the latter aspect, it becomes increasingly more difficult to activate the joy one should be able to find in their life.

silliness can be a BIG pick me up

SO, What?

All of this is to say: I truly believe in the power of finding your worth and, in kind, the opportunity in getting through pain, which builds strength and character. It has certainly built mine, all the more reason to be ready to activate my joy as much as possible. That I have this view even while working towards the management of my current pain episode makes me certain that the fabric of our very selves includes pain in its makeup.

Is it easy to get through? HA! Please, not even close. Yet, it’s soooo necessary.

Let’s get through this together. How are YOU? How do you build strength, push through pain?

Reach Out! Therapy and/or Coaching

I am moving towards providing support to others for this topic and others. If you would like to become a client through therapy or coaching, you are more than welcome to reach out. See contact page, or find some time on my calendar to chat below.

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