I Write Because…

I Write Because…

It is important – critical even – to remember why it is that I write as often as I do. Without writing, ideas would not flow as freely. Words would simply be held captive in my brain, manifesting only as free yet restless and frustrated energy escaping my body. I need a way to feel some release; a way that will also bring me joy.

I Have Been Writing For So Long

From the last time I can remember, I’ve been writing. At the age of six, I would write pretty little princess stories based at some level on my life; little did I know how aligned they would be with my own real-life story. One thing I will never forget at this point is how most of my stories at that time (maybe… all?) were about a pretty little princess who lost her mother and lived with her father, whom she loved dearly… I know, I know, super original. I was also an incredibly voracious ready… guess what I read most in those days??  ;-P…

My dad, in real life, knew how close I was with Mom. I think if he had remembered reading some of those stories, he might have noticed the pattern and realized how much I treasured him too! I romanticized my stories to no end. Let me tell you, though: there is absolutely nothing romantic about losing your mother, or a parent in general. It was almost like I knew something like that would happen… and it did.

As A Child…

Children seem to have some incredibly keen senses beyond just the five we know and with which we are so conditioned; and I was no different, it seems. I simply got to put them down on paper as an expression of those “extra” senses…

So, I write because my childhood memories of writing are some of the best I have. I write because it gives me another place to go; another way to extend myself to others, in love and joy. Another way to once again reach my mama.

Seeking and Activating Joy

I write to show that my ideas – rooted in joy activation – are more than possible; they’re necessary!

Joy is at the heart of a fully productive and successful life worth living.

I hope to assist others in empowering themselves to seek their own joy in the midst of pain, heartache, and struggle, just as I have and continue to do.

And so, for all of those reasons – and more -, I write.

Thank you for reading. Let’s keep onward, and share!! 😉

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