The More I Know…

Having received some inspiration calling to list some of my most harrowed life lessons throughout my journey to joy, I have decided to write them down and shared them with you, my readers. I am hoping you find some wisdom in these musings, and inspiration to add to your own journeys.

*Please also note: these are all my gatherings from life experiences and lessons. In no way do I purport to desire you changing your views because of me or completely making a 180 for my benefit. These sharings are for you and are shared in the hope that you take what works and leave what doesn’t for me to continue to share and/or grapple with. With much peace, love, and joy for the journey. – KrisE*

Five of the Things I’ve Learned

  1. I’ve learned that joy does not have to mean happiness every day
  2. I’ve learned that family does not equal friendship, though love is there for all – and it’s enough.
  3. I have learned the power of believing in something and/or someone
  4. The body is an incredible, mysterious, and unique entity amongst all, even with similar parts and characteristics (Covid-19, especially, is a good example of how “healthy” does not  always mean the same thing in or for everyone!)
  5. I am loved and I matter… and so do YOU! This is why we must continue to shout “Black Lives Matter!” – I’ll explain more, promise

Expanding on What I Have Learned

1) You’re Not Always Happy, or Joyful

There will be days when any one of us feel sad, down, in pain, and/or a little lost or confused. That’s OKAY!! We must work to get back to joy, and even happiness, every day. It sounds like so much work, but it’s for the good of my own body, the good of the community, and the good of humanity. It doesn’t always seem that way, I know. “It’s just me… little old me. What does that have to do with anyone or anything else? Everything, My Dear, Everything… Heard of paying it forward? Or the power of 6 degrees of separation? Helping any single person you see in your community could pay forward your heart so that it comes back to someone you know and love. What do you think about that?? (REALLY! leave me some thoughts in the comments section below!).

2) Family, Friends, Love

Family isn’t always going to feel like [a] friend(s). Yet [mostly], they may be there for you when no one else decides to stay in your corner. Sometimes you may feel like you have no choice but to love – or show love for – your family. And most times, friendship is chosen, making the love all the more sweet. As long as love manifests in healthy, secure, and appropriate ways, joy wins and persists for you, your family, and your friends.

3) The Power of Believing

Belief is a wonderful thing. It’s also incredibly powerful. Holding the knowledge that someone believes in you and/or your capabilities can sometimes be enough to propel you forward to even greater heights. At the same time, though, what can hold the most weight is your own belief in yourself and your capabilities, in addition to the belief of others in your life. A pure, authentic, loving belief in the nature of someone else’s gifts comes back to you many times over. Can you think of a time where this has happen? Can you connect two seemingly diverse events, realizing that at the very least, one may not have even happened without the other? For instance, I found that there were times, in my musings, where I realized that I might not even have certain loved ones in my life had my mom no longer been a part of my life. In no way is that good or bad, it seems, but I am sure happy to know both sets of family members, in all capacities and forms. So much love amasses from events – from the simple and small, to the over the top, crazy big.

Oh, Mama… ❤

I’ve known the healing power of a mother pouring strength into me just by stroking my head and telling me how much I matter; a father who let me know I can do and be anything in this world, with or without such a devastating illness, while sealing it up with a backrub for bedtime. With or without this major illness… I. Have. Been. Blessed; and I continue to be so now.

4) Our Bodies, Our Selves

The body. What an incredibly, mystical, awesome entity. It can seemingly heal itself in some cases, and completely deteriorate or disintegrate in others. The main thing, though, is how much it aligns with the mind and other situations in life. As long as we take care of our bodies, they can do for us so many amazing things; things we didn’t think we could ever do. For me, having a body that gives out on me so much is hard, but I do see the benefits of proper self-care. This, then, leads to the further understanding of my body and the joy that comes from this better experience.

5) The Value of Support: You Matter

Here I am, Mattering!

There is so much value in giving love to others and receiving love from others. It creates a sense of closeness between multiple people, which, as social beings, gives us humans the ability to progress through our lives, and making goals work for ourselves. More importantly, though, it shows us what is already true; with or without this love and support. This truth is that as humans, we matter. We have a purpose in this world and there is a need for each human being to be on this earth. With or without support, we give to others our purpose and make life different for others too! However, with the support of others, with their love, we tend to see this purpose more clearly, which is of course a deep, deep benefit.

Black Lives Matter: Why I Say It Too

So why do we say “Black Lives Matter” then, if this is the case for all humans? I believe that the human race/society has completely forgotten what I noted above; that all people make society better and impact them to no end. This includes the lives of Black People, and all of the global majority. Black people, as many know, are being killed by other humans so much right now, and they are being hurt with words and actions. Police officers, for reasons that we can only guess, have found a target in Black lives. And so that negates the All Lives Matter mantra, because we need to actually make that true. If Black lives don’t matter, all lives DON’T matter. For this reason, we must remind society that Black lives DO matter, and will matter the same way others do, for all of time. We are all to contribute to this life with purpose and belonging and joy! So, let’s really commit to doing that. Black Lives Matter.

What Should You Do?

Find a serene spot, and get to learning why you matter!

I have learned so much in this life already. And I ask you – challenge you even – to set aside some time, sit down, really take some deep breaths, and write down what for you – only you – is most important for you to declare and fulfill your purpose. What even is your purpose? Even if it is to support others, trust me, you have one, or multiple. So be blessed and take to heart your loving purpose.

Let’s Chat!

I am here to support and love on others, with coaching or a listening ear. If you are in CT, I am also getting ready to provide formal therapy, once my license transfers. So let’s move, and let’s talk! Reach out via the contact page, or by clicking through to my calendar via the button link ->

With so much love, KrisE Guest

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