For Real… This is Hard

Can I be really real Y’all? Time is flying for me. How about for you?

I am working on providing my resources as a Joy Coach for all of my readers and followers near and far to be able to activate and infuse more joy in their lives. It just feels like time is moving so fast that there’s never enough time to get it all out. Also, major fatigue from autoimmune illnesses is no joke. It seems at least half of my time is spent simply recuperating from the stress and the fast-paced energy exerted with work.

Trust me, I am motivated. I want to see us all thrive. Yet, when I take one quick break, a quick minute turns into one long hour, and then two, and three, and then… bedtime.

But trust me, this does not steal my joy. I am here for a reason and part of that is to show others how joy can create success and more effective relationships and support. I hate to let so much time go by without giving new nuggets of info, but know that I am still working and finding ways to get you this information from behind the scenes.

Happy Place

In the meantime, here I am, enjoying more time at the orchard, where I get some lovely and joyful time with family, finding the inspiration for life and work.

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