Inspiration based on one-word choice. That word is “Home”

Home. One of those words that means everything and nothing depending on with whom you are speaking. A word that takes on increased meaning and ‘flavor’ as time moves forward. It takes on more meaning and has a better, more understanding outlook as the listener continues through life, whether ashamed or not, excited or not, successful or not, enraged or not, joyous or the opposite. I believe that no matter what the word ‘Home’ means to a single person, that same person will have a deep appreciation for the word and what it is or means as they take the time to grow older and ponder the word. Home.

For me, home is more than a physical space. Yes, it is the state I grew up in, and the beautiful edifice in that state with changing façade throughout the years, where I have some incredibly fond and tough memories alike. It is also, though, my mother’s warm snuggles and my dad’s jokes (yes, my dad invented the “Dad Joke” – insert eyeroll here!!) Home is in my brothers’ smiles and my sister’s voice, and especially now my niece’s calling out “Titi” or “Auntie Krissy” for whatever they need from me. Home is truly where my heart is or wants to be most times. I can’t imagine any part of my home being forgotten and let go.

The Home I spent the most of my childhood in; Connecticut born and raised

Without “Home”, life can seem harder than it should. I know this to be true. Being torn from a piece of my home is one of the more painful experiences in life. I find joy in the ways I incorporate Home into my thoughts, but also in the physical manifestations of these thoughts. Still, simply contemplating the meaning of home in my life brings me comfort these days.

My experience of joy, in part, comes through Home…

Let’s try something: just stop for one brief moment. After you read these directions, close your eyes; let yourself go in the moment. Once you have closed your eyes, think and reflect… think of the meaning of home for you. Think of how saying “home” makes you feel. In fact, say “home” loud. Let the words flow out of your mouth and come back to seep directly into your heart. Do you feel any influence by what it is you perceive home to be? Did you notice anything about your body or your breath?

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