For the Love of Gratitude: An Important and Impactful Find on the Path to Joy

In the spirit of holiday love and blessing, especially as this is the weekend of USA Thanksgiving Day – I am spending some time in this post writing on one of my five pillars of joy.

Oh, did you not know I had five pillars as part of my role as a Joy Coach? Oops, my bad…

This pillar discusses how important it is to seek gratitude every day. The sound of it is a little weird, right? Is gratitude hiding? Must we play a game of hide-and-seek with our thankfulness? Not a “game” per se, but yes, at times our gratitude is hiding. It can take some doing to find gratitude in depth; the gratitude your joy longs for, and your heart hides deep down inside. Yet, finding the gratitude you seek is beyond worth it.

Studies have shown that naming what you are grateful for does in fact lift spirits and spark joy. For this reason, a small jolt for the day can be found in a consistent, daily gratitude journal practice. I add consistency because without that, practices may linger here and there, with distracted doing now and then, but they eventually taper off, and where is the joy in that?

Gratitude. Changes. EVERYTHING!!

Now, choosing the layout of your gratitude journal is definitely for you. Having that autonomy to choose or create, and creative license brings a special kind of joy. As long as you are consistent with it, know that a gratitude journal helps to put – and keep – things in perspective.

Without the act of seeking gratitude, we as humans tend to focus a lot on the negative, and lose focus of what brings joy. This is natural and doesn’t make you a bad person or anything. It also doesn’t, however, paint the picture of yourself or the world that your heart longs for all the time. In spirit, joy – not necessarily positivity – is an important aspect of a life well lived. No, your days won’t always be hunky-dory, or go the way you would like, and you may not always have an amazingly beautiful outlook on life. With the current state of our world, that’s a given. You will, however, have the opportunity to make joy a permanent resident in your heart.

Reminder: Bloom where you are planted, for joy will bloom with you.

I don’t pretend that life doesn’t have its deep downs and drive us crazy, but at the same time, these downs strengthen us. With the right level of support and/or perspective, we can certainly uplift ourselves to a powerful place. Know that. Believe that for yourself.

While the holidays can and will be different this year, so are you. And that, at least, is something for which to be grateful.

Let me know what you are grateful for this season and beyond in the comments!!!

One thought on “For the Love of Gratitude: An Important and Impactful Find on the Path to Joy

  1. I am grateful for you and for our friendship. I am grateful your Joy ministry, and for your blog message in my mailbox today reminding me to seek Gratitude. And your reminder to maintain a daily practice of focusing on things I am grateful for. It would be a beneficial practice for me to keep a Gratitude journal — I am good about thanking God in my daily prayers. But writing things down each day would be a good practice. — Love you. xoxoxo


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