Did Someone Say Christmas Party??

Christmas is an incredibly hard time of year for me… but this week is so special! I get to be a part of something awesome, and you can be a part of it too! Might you be interested in getting my upcoming workshop (and so much more!) for $100 instead of $275? Keep reading regardless…

Can you believe we’re already 7 days into December?!

With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve got a little (well, actually it’s quite a big) gift for you! 🎁

A few weeks ago, one of my business role models posted about a fun idea she had for Christmas this year. 

If you don’t know Lizzy, here’s the 411:

✨ She’s always showcasing and promoting her clients and students. 

✨ She loves to experiment with different things in her business. 

✨ She’s pretty awesome!

The fun idea was a Christmas Party with ‘Goody Bags’ made up of her clients’ courses, trainings and digital products. 

She had over 100 people respond offering up their amazing digital products for the goody bags. And I was one of those people! 🙋‍♀️

Her Christmas Party, complete with those all-important goody bags is now live! 

Here’s what you need to know:

🛍️ Regular Goody Bag (Free) – Contains 85+ products of value up to $100

🛍️ Premium Goody Bag ($100) – Contains 40+ products of value $101-$500


❄️ Easy Content Planning Assistant (Free)

❄️ The 5-Week Linguist: Master a Language in the Next Year (Premium)

❄️ B.Styled 5-Day Closet Edit Bootcamp (Free)

❄️ 9 Essential Wine Types – A Guide for Wine Lovers (Free)

❄️ Webinar Jumpstart Toolkit (Premium)

❄️ Unshakeable Journaling 365 (Free)

❄️ Preschool at Home A-Z Digital Access (Premium)

❄️ 30 Days To Go Freelance (Free)

❄️ The Inbox Sweep Method for Gmail Users (Free)

❄️ Mental Health in Minutes (Premium)

I have contributed my workshop on creating joy in hard times as a leader coming up in January to the Premium Goody Bag! (more info here!) It’s normally $275, but you can get my workshop and more for only $100!

You can grab one, or both of the Goody Bags here

But be fast, they’ll be disappearing on Friday! She can’t convince us to give away our best products like this indefinitely!

Oh, this gift is for anyone who wants it, so please be sure to pass this on to friends and family galore!!

Also, I AM so honored to be asked to partner with Lizzy because I honestly do want as many people as possible to feel and regain that joy. I hope to be able to give the gift of self-empowerment to activate joy to as many people as possible, and make it accessible to as many as I can also. So this workshop, though it is the only one that I submitted to Lizzy’s party, is hopefully one of many that can lead others to the joy that can remain in their hearts for their whole lives to come. I hope you will at least check out this advantageous goody bag. Thanks y’all! Be well.

Signing off for now,

KrisE Guest

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