Today is the Day: For Better Joy… or Worse

Today is the day of miracles, the day of wishes come true. It is also the day my beautiful mom left the earth and became our guardian angel. I’ve written about my mom before; yet, she deserves to have her name shouted from the rooftops. Her love and grace and the way she made everyone, especially her family, feel so special, is part of the way I was able to activate my joy. Creating a community has been the aspect of my joy that catapults my pillars of joy (Giving Love, Creating Peace, Learning Forgiveness, Seeking Gratitude, & Calling Out Fear) forward in multiples. My mother created a beautiful circle of women around me that love me and remember my mom fondly. Additionally, I learned how to create my own community of support and gracious love because my mother was the greatest teacher as well.

You can definitely build this level of support too, with out without a role model forging ahead of you to show you the path. Just know now that the circle you create dictates what kind of challenges and uplifting support you get. Thank goodness for me, my mom started that circle and created a way for my sometimes naïve younger self to develop and grow a spirit of joy in life that motivates me and pushes me forward.

In fact, what my mother has shown me has led me right where I am, to a place of heart-filled decision-making. I’m so excited about the decision I have made in my life in regards to my health. I have another post coming to start our new year, 2021, and I can’t wait to share it!

I look forward to more sharing with you, Dear Reader.

In love and the spirit of the holidays,

KrisE Guest!

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