On Forgiveness

Learning to give grace to the people, things, and circumstances that try to steal our joy… including ourselves!

For those of us with chronic illness, there are factors in our lives, of our illnesses, that we wish, now more than ever, we could change. Has the following ever been you… with or withou chronic illness?:

You are in another terrible, less-than-desirable situation (for me, it might be losing all of my steam before noon hits and therefore losing precious hours of prime work time by laying down in bed). You know it’s not your fault, really; you do. And yet, here come the subsequent thought patterns leading you back to the familiar notion that it is on you. Guilt and sadness pervade your entire being, and now not only are you paralyzed by the situation (and lying in bed, on my end), but you are also living on an island in your mind, completely devoid of civilization; and you’re there to stay.

Take some time to get out of your head. A walk, writing, even praying – if you’re into that – can help you prepare for the grace you must be ready to give

Unless… did you know there are way to get out of your head? Control your thoughts and use them to your advantage, not your detriment? You can forgive yourself and your situation while shifting your focus to the positive and to the good.

Take a few minutes every day – preferably in the morning to get a great and powerful start to your day – and write down grateful thoughts, positive thoughts, and thoughts about who or what you need to give some grace.

To be able to forgive yourself, though, is the most powerful of all. Little do we know that a lot of the most difficult and stressful feelings that come out of us spawn from a guilt, a shame, or a simple disdain for things that we have done or believed that are contradictory to our values and/or our life goals.

Additionally, there are times when we don’t even believe we have done anything wrong, but we feel the current situation calls for someone or something to blame, and who is most available other than our own selves?

Remember something for me, please, you are wise and strong and nothing that you do or experience warrants taking away grace. Forgive, give grace, and know that life is here for you to take it with both hands… and LIVE! So, with some writing of your thoughts, a little support, and even some accountability (I can help!), let grace fall into place. Hey! Rhymetime! 😉

I’m not at all perfect in any of this; far from it. Still, it’s a wonderful reminder to forgive and show love to as many as we can, especially ourselves. So I write this to remind myself just as much as you.

Write down a person or situation you must forgive. Yes, no time like the present; do it now! If you’d like to share, you are most welcome to, through comment or email – k.guest@fortheloveofkeg.com. Always here, always rooting for you!… and me! lol

With so much love and grace,


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