The Pursuit of Continued Privilege

Finding the joy in using privilege, the joy in defeating and defining hurt, the joy in a new normal

It is now 2021 (as we all know), and many may be feeling the hope to return back to “normal” again, before March 2020, when Covid-19 was not rearing its ugly head throughout the world.

Um… can I ask, though; what is normal? Is normal the privilege of having a place to live and a safe job that you can go to every day and have money to feel and support you and your family? Because for so many people throughout the United States – throughout the world – that was never the reality. For many, the pandemic brought the opportunity to still have a position at work, but do it remotely, spending time in pajamas with family and never really having to leave the house. Does anyone ever remember wishing for something like that? Honestly. Because I certainly did. And boy did we get it…

Still, for others, the pandemic only made things worse than they already were – without a home, without a job, sometimes without a family to feel love and support from. For those without homes and livelihoods, to say the least, there was a pleading with God for anything but normal.

And to be honest, we should be hoping for the same. Not because our lives weren’t safe and positive in many ways, but because the lives of so many others were nothing like ours.

For me, my intersectional existence puts so much into perspective. I am Black, I am a woman, I have a disability and have suffered from depression as well. I realize that I have privileges that many with these identities have never even dreamed about recently. Which is where my contributions come in. Having privilege is no good if you don’t use it…

Yet, doing so must be done out of the joy and love of giving. Loving those in need in a genuine way means finding ways to fight oppression whilst using the privilege one inherently carries. It doesn’t make sense for white people to look down on themselves or be ashamed of their whiteness. This is how they were born, just as I was born Black. They can, however, learn to do something with the privilege of being white for the good of humanity. This would include speaking up to other white people and teaching the love and nurturing aspects of collective thought and communication.

Learning how to do this is as simple as looking deep inside oneself and deciding what would create a more equitable, just, and comfortable environment for self and others in varying situations.

Being anti-racist (over non-racist) is about taking action. Speak up for those who are vulnerable or simply less privileged than you are. It’s really up to you to be the person of your dreams.

I wish everyone so much love. As we close out another Black History Month in the United States of America, please do not forget: US History IS Black History. Love humans of every background every day, for the good…


MY BLACK HISTORY – GMA EVELYN – Remain in Peace My Love – with Mama
  • It has been an incredibly trying month for me. That’s not the point, though. The point is, I could not let the month of history of my community (even though I will celebrate Black people, love, and culture every day of my life!) in the US go by without say something that I hope you, my readers, will take with you. I love you so much and am so grateful for your readership. I am also coming into people’s inboxes! Want in? Reach out, or see my contact page… here!

5 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Continued Privilege

  1. I loved your message today, Kristen and especially enjoyed seeing your grandmother’s picture – I remember meeting her @ your house. I’m so sorry you had a bad month this past month. Anything I can do for you?




  2. U.S. History IS Black History… YES!!!
    Thank you for all the sobering and encouraging reminders in this message. You truly have a way with words, Kristen! Grateful for you. 🙂
    ❤ Hannah B.


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