Sharing My Health Journey… With Joy

Because of the joy I gain in inspiring and empowering others, I hope to share my continued health journey with this very intent. Read on!

… and then, Everyone, I found myself backsliding. It was one of those things that was SO easy to do; to just go against everything I was attempting to do in my current situation and my reasons for doing them. What was I backsliding from, you ask? My healthier eating habits. For as long as I can remember I have been completely and utterly enamored with sugar. The powerful flavors on my tongue and the high I got directly afterward made me want to sing sometimes (eh who am I kidding, all the time!). Sugar was the one thing that never got old, that I would never get tired of consuming. Yes, somewhere deep down inside, I knew it was “bad” for me. I knew it had some unhealthy effects on my body… and everyone else’s. Still, I was unaware of the more correct term for it; poison. I continued to overconsume and gift to others, aiding the poisoning of others, and the degradation of the bodies of those I cared about.

This sounds dramatic, I’m sure. But did you know sugar is as addictive, if not more so, as any street drug you may find out there? Well it is! Ever gotten a headache because you didn’t have your daily Twinkie? Or find yourself “hangry”, even after a satisfying meal?? Yeah, me too; because of sugar.

A disaster in the making for many…

The effects of sugar on my body have been disastrous in more ways than I ever realized growing up. I heard my loved ones instructing me to let go of the grip sugar had on me, of course, especially as I sought to alleviate symptoms of autoimmune illness.

Did I listen? Of course not. I was sucked into the ride of my life. My relationship with sugar was so powerful, I had no intention of ever quitting it.

Let me stop, though, because this post is supposed to be more about what I have decided to do about that. One day, a few weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and see whether I could go without sugar for as long as possible. Indeed, this experiment had been in the back of my mind for years. After, however, a five-hour course by a doctor who reversed her own Lupus entirely (Dr. Brooke Goldner of, I knew this clearing of my body – going without sugar, among other dangerous foods) – could mean the difference between life and death for me.

I went three days without any sugar and – unwittingly – because of it, my third day was amazing! I felt so good, I walked for half an hour through my neighborhood, did many chores (it is unusual for me to be able to do more than one), and needed a minimal amount of pain medicine. For whatever reason, I had no idea why, but relished that day.

Walking in my own personal backyard – aka the local golf course – brings so much joy…

In order to commemorate my good day, I decided to have one of my favorite sugary treats the following day.

That. Was. It.

About ten minutes later, I was in the bed for the rest of the day, with headaches, whole body aches, and a brain fog worse than any other.

I was barely able to move; and it clicked. Sugar!! Sugar was the culprit. My life finally came together with the recognition of this feeling and when it came: usually almost directly after eating one of my favorite treats full of sugar. Cookies, cakes, candy, brownies, pie. It was all fair game as far as wreaking havoc within my body. I kicked myself for the day (figuratively) while lying in bed for being so naive, so unaware. I gave myself that luxury – putting full blame on me and my inability, for a long time, to connect my feelings with my food.

But the next day, I stopped blaming and got to work. I looked back over my notes from the food course and made a decision to carefully and methodically work my way through to an ultra-nourishing eating plan. This includes eliminating animal products, oils, preservatives, and especially sugar. Most importantly, I will be working my way up to about half a gallon to a gallon of purified water every day. I have decided to begin with sugar and adding more water, as I have found that my energy increases more with every day I stay away from sugar. I have gone on to stop eating meat, which I find also helps my energy and slower, painful digestion, which one of my doctors wanted me to take antibiotics for in this situation…

Be willing to find roses instead of thorns

Now we come to the moments I describe in the beginning of this post. Yes, I backslid, which means I ate some sugar again… and then sugar and meat in the same day. After about three full weeks of neither… eating even one was a mistake. Or should I say, a hardship of willpower going stagnant. I am now finding, though, that it is so much easier to make it back on track towards my goals by giving myself grace and loving myself through what I note is an addiction to sugar and meat (among other things). Drinking more water and making the decision to stop is not enough. What is increasingly more important for me is caring about my mental well-being and knowing what I will add, or give myself. Realizing this has been a game-changer. I am making better decisions about what I need and what to put in my body. Why? Because I am simply loving me again. My life is worth it… and yours is too! So let’s MOOOVE!

I am so proud of you and hope to be able to support you, My Reader. Let me know how you feel that would be necessary and helpful. I am creating more and more openings and am also sending showers of emails to my subscribers with joyful notes of goodness!!

Join us!

Always Love, Joy, and Deuces (peace)!!!

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