A Big Reveal: The Excitement – And Nerves – of Activating Joy

Sometimes we must step outside of our comfort zones. It’s true; it’s incredibly difficult and seemingly impossible at times. Still, on the other side as we step outside of our comfort zones… is more joy than we ever could have imagined.

For that reason, I am doing just that. I am taking the journey to the other side of my comfort zone and making decisions about what I want to do to continue supporting those with chronic illness, those experiencing loss, and those who want more joy in their lives.

Knees shaking, palms sweaty; THAT type of nervous. THAT level of comfort-zone-bordering. I haven’t done anything like what I am doing ever in my life, so of course it will be a bit nerve-wrecking.

Venturing out as I did in this walk, watching and waiting as new blooms come forward!!

Though I believe in myself and what I am doing, it all comes down to this: who needs me and wants to find the change in their lives that will span decades of joyful recognition and life-giving purpose? I believe what I have to give is for everyone, and especially those who desire more, who desire freedom from pain and grief.

What is it I have to give? Well now, what a great question! My next venture is starting… and I am announcing it at the end of my April Showers of Joy email series on Friday! It would be so wonderful to see you there as you subscribe (here), and the excitement is real! This is an opportunity for you as well. Offering support and love to those you know who need it is truly a way to activate and express joy. I will let you know just how to do that in my email and beyond.

First, though, I must say thank you. Thank you for your readership, thank you for your patience as I navigate pain, work, and sharing my journey with you all in short and long spurts and on different platforms. You are my joy and I honor the ways in which you keep me going!

If not in your inboxes, I will see you again soon!! I can’t wait for my special announcement and I truly hope you feel the same.

Sometimes a smile is all I need, and yet, there’s more!

Always With Joy, Love, and Deuces!!

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