4 Ways – with Types – to Name and Reduce Pain

In order to find ways to reduce pain, it is first so important that we name that pain. Finding out what it is leads to learning why it’s there and then how to at the very least reduce pain.

Pain has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. Physical pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain. Sometimes it all comes together and clouds what your purpose and vision are for your life… yes, even at 5 years old! What I have wished for so long is that the pain would fully and completely disappear. Yet, at this point I don’t really know what that means or feels like, or even if I want that. What I do want is comfort, ease, love, and joy! With that, I know it takes some action on my part. Don’t be confused, I have worked towards my joy; the joy is not complete… it is there and it is lovely. So what can you do about pain? Start with understanding and naming the pain. The following are of the ways in which you can name and reduce different types of pain.

Emotional Pain

Knowing that pain is there is not the same as acknowledgment. Naming the pain and finding the energy to accept the pain are two steps in reducing pain. Acknowledge it is there and then you can get to work!

Naming Emotional Pain

reduce pain
To reduce pain, it truly took be beginning with Joy!

Emotionally, this is so important. I have found that emotional pain is incredibly hard. It was one of the worst pains of my life. I sat in the dark and fought my thoughts and emotions do the very depths of my insides! It

How do we name emotional pain? It is important to know and realize that this is not about fault. Whatever is going on internally for you, you are not the reason any of this happens or is happening. Yes, there may have been a situation that triggered it… and maybe you triggered it yourself. However, going through emotional pain is not easy and it is not because of the issues you have started or created in life; just as the chronic illness you may have itself is not your fault. Yes, there are things you can do, but learning that this test in life is for you to work to reduce the pain is key.

Things You Can Do to Reduce Pain Emotionally

Aside from naming the pain that comes up in your thoughts first, it is important to remember that emotional pain can manifest physically when given the time. You can sometimes catch it early, but if not, remember that your physical pain may need to be handled through emotional healing.

  1. Journal – writing down your thoughts, feelings, and emotions is a great way to reflect and move towards joy
  2. Leverage Distractions – distractions are not always bad! Find ways that you love when you are not in pain to get out of this pain
  3. Listen to Music – there is such thing as music therapy. Besides being a great distraction, music is also a way to express your emotions and work through them to reduce. Find your favorite song to express how you’re feeling and then find the best song you know to make you smile!

Spiritual Pain

Another hard and arduous task is working through spiritual pain. Not everyone realizes that this is pain and can create a great difficulty in life. Remember that naming the pain and what is creating the difficulty for you is step number one. Then understand that there are things you can do. Taking action helps to reduce pain in general and spiritual pain is no different.

Naming Spiritual Pain

Life is what we might all call complex. There is so much diversity and that is awesome to me. Still, difference can come with a price tag… and pain. Pain from other humans, from the systemic woes, and from self. Understand that spiritually, you may be in a place where your faith in self and higher powers has lessened. Know that you are not alone and decide that the pain you are feeling is a spiritual pain. Now what can you do?…

Things You Can Do for Spiritual Pain

Remember that spiritual pain can look – and feel – like other things. Knowing this arms you for spiritual hurt and gives you the ability to create a healing.

  1. Higher Power Understanding – distinguish from physical and mental pain – while spiritual pain is a type of emotional pain, it is not completely the same. Know that what you are experiencing is spiritual and sit in it for a while to reflect. Understanding there is a greater force at work than you and me is actually a big part of reducing the pain that may come from other, hurtful experiences.
  2. Participate in mindful mental-to-body practices – whether alone or in community, spiritual practices like meditation, mindfulness, and mindful breathing exercises are a great way to release and reduce pain – (physical too!)
  3. Yoga, Tai-Chi, and other more mindful physical practices – this is a way to also practice mental strength and love to self while feeling better physically!
Reduce pain
Find ways to Reduce Pain

Physical Pain

Now, you knew I was not going to leave out the most prominent form of pain, right?? Physical pain is most known and thought of when noting pain in general. Before you really feel like nothing is working, name your pain and find some things you can do about it.

Naming Physical Pain

This may seem a bit off, as we know it’s physical pain and there’s nothing else to do, right? Not quite. Where exactly is the pain? Is it caused by something that happened to you or with you? Is it intense? How intense?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how well or hard is it to function with this pain? All this and more needs to be recognized and held before you understand what you need to do to reduce it.

Things You Can Do for Physical Pain

Besides acknowledgement, there are things that can be done for your physical pain.

  1. Get Moving! – the most important way to reduce pain and a way that can be adapted for the ways in which your body allows you to move. Tai Chi and Yoga can be one… so can dancing with your arms or whole body in the kitchen (which I’ve never done… 😉 ).
  2. Remember to Rest – there is a balance between movement and rest. Find that balance and know when your body is calling out for time in the bed or laying on the couch (Post on this soon!).
  3. Hot and Cold – the way our bodies move and breathe and process is impacted by temperature for sure… just think about how we feel depending on where we live and whether it is hot or cold at the time. Heat creates a lowering of pain from inflammation and cold helps to reduce swelling and tension. Use both, one or the other
  4. Ask your doctor about prescription meds – I am not going to sit here and say that prescribed meds should be avoided at all cost. Some meds have gotten me through life and school! Find holistic ways to reduce pain like the above and then ask your doctor if there are medications that will help in the meantime.

Financial Pain…?

Yes, folks, financial pain. There are so many actually hurting out there from the ways in which capitalism and self-doubt bombard us as people. So I am including it here, especially since chronic illness and other forms of pain have been a means to financial pain. So what do we do?

Naming Financial Pain

First of all, let’s call it what it is: pain. Pain in the wallet and net worth can be just as heavy as other forms of pain, if not more. It creates one more way for us to worry about the future and our own lives. Let’s work on popping out of that and deciding that this is pain and we can take action to reduce pain.

Things You Can Do for Financial Pain

These may be things you have heard before… maybe not. However, they are important to say and reiterate… over and over and over and…

  1. Spend less than you make – it is important to remember that you can get nowhere without actually having the funds that you seek. If you are gaining some sort of income, try to save and/or allow for your money to remain with you! You are important enough, do it for you!
  2. Budget – this tends to be the dreaded word that gets a lot of flack. Try not to let the word get to you… call it a Spending Plan, call it nothing at all… just create a written standard for what to do with ALL of your money. It helps Y’all!
  3. Get Support – even if you don’t want a financial advisor or someone who will charge you to do everything with your money, try to find accountability or someone with knowledge about increasing and sustaining financial wealth. You can and should get support.
  4. Educate Yourself – whether you hire someone or not, it is SO critical that you know what it takes to enhance your life financially. As a person with a chronic illness, life can get tiring, and knowing how to create passive income and/or allow your money to grow without too much energy is downright necessary.
Reduce Pain
Ways to Reduce Pain are there – remember to get support!

It is incredibly necessary to know the ways in which you can reduce pain. Keep going and gain support as you can. My own experience warrants acknowledging this information and I can see the difference!

I am a support for those who want to release pain and gather their energy to move forward. Know that and follow my emails by clicking here as well so you can learn more about what I am offering in the future. There is certainly more to come!

With Much Joy, Love, and Deuces,

KrisE Guest

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