5 Shifts to Make When You Have a Negatively Fixed Mindset

Joy is an amazing source of pain-relief and power. And what happens if it just WON’T come?? Your fixed mindset may be to blame.

Joy won’t come… and then what are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to wait until joy is a part of our life again? Does joy simply… come back?

I have to tell you, joy does NOT come back. Because it never actually left! That’s either amazing news to hear or drudges up an incredible amount of skepticism. Knowing what I know takes some time, yes. However, there are ways you can shift your thinking right now to enable the joy in your life to come forward.

Joy is My Superpower – Combatting a Fixed Mindset

Fixed Mindset Shift

Let’s start with a pretty cheesy-sounding phrase. Did I make you cringe?

Joy is your superpower, as it is released and allowed to be a part of your life. You can do just about anything with joy in your life – which is what I have found to be true.

Why does this resonate so hard with me?

Growing up, I had to bow out of what I felt were a good number of invitations and desires to connect and actually complete things. I felt like a complete and total dud at times. I also knew, deep down, that I possessed a strength not many are able to cultivate. As I became more knowledgeable about the power of the mind, I did indeed begin to cultivate and bring that strength forward. It is something of a spiritual strength; it incorporates my faith and my belief in myself. Yes, that took a while to make fruitful, but I know I am better for not only having this strength and this joy, but also for the experiences that led me to it. Having to believe this seems counterintuitive, and yet it’s really not… it can make you or break you, and letting it “make” you incorporates your calling… your… SUPERPOWER!!

So let’s take that power and create a fixed mindset towards joy, not away from it. You can shift your mindset, and the following 4 examples of affirmations are ones which can encourage the shift.

5 Fixed Mindset Shifts To Make Now

Right now is the a better time than any to shift the fixed mindset you have now. Releasing pain and activating joy may look like this:

I love myself and I give myself love now

Love. One of the most palpable and moving ways to shift to joy. It is also one of the fastest ways to gain that power; the power of joy. Mindset shifting involves the act of love and making note of the implications of both gaining more love and losing the value in loving self and others. Know this: before you can fully love others, you must make a plan for self-love. I am definitely not saying it is easy to put that much value in and on yourself. However, it takes much thought and actually putting in the work. I love teaching how to do this in my coaching and through my own actions.

I find peace in _____________.

What does peace mean to you? That is the first and most valuable question you can ask yourself before repeating this affirmation. From there, it is best to actually decide what that peace involves. Do you find peace in walks through nature? How about the peace found in meditation; guided or self-enacted? Don’t let anyone else tell you what brings you peace – it could even be something physically tiring or loud! Going to a Led Zeppelin concert? Yes, it could be someone’s idea of peace, as it can release the strain from other realities of life. I find nature an incredible yet simple way to release the stress of the day; the hardness of it all. Reminding yourself of the varying ways in which you can create peace – in different parts of your life – is so valuable.

I am grateful for ________________.

You may have heard so many times the importance of a gratitude practice. Welp, here’s another reminder: seek gratitude in any way you can. It doesn’t have to be gratitude for your life, yet find an area within your life that speaks to you in the best possible way. Continue to focus energy on the “why”; the reason you hold passion for something specific in your life. Also, take note: just because you hold gratitude for something in your life does not mean you are not worthy of receiving it. You are more than worthy, and that makes the gratitude a form of inner wisdom and knowing. You can gain a humility and perspective that – without you fully knowing in advance – will create an even deeper sense of gratitude. Move your mind in the direction of gratitude and more of the things you want and need will come with it.

I forgive myself for ________.

Sometimes the thing that holds us back the most is… us. More specifically, it’s a part of our mind that won’t simply let go. We focus on something done in the past – by us or another person – and we blame. We blame and blame and curse and blame. How’s that working? Not great. It starts within; it begins when we find what we blame ourselves for and… forgive. When you affirm your forgiveness, you begin to believe in it fully. Starting affirmations does not require a belief in the statement, but it does require a belief in the change that can be made when repeating these affirmations. Begin with you. Know yourself more fully and then receive every single part of yourself with grace and, yes, forgiveness. I am not perfect. I have to practice forgiveness every day currently. Believe that you can do the same. And then move forward! You got this!

I am confident in my ability to __________________.

It may take a moment (and by moment I mean a good amount of time…), and yet you can and will gain confidence through shifting your mindset. You may have such a fixed mindset towards blame or anger or disbelief that it is hard to come up for air. As someone dealing with a chronic illness, I find myself doubting my ability to be productive – for example -, or make a difference in the lives of my clients. In those moments, I simply must give myself grace and honor my capabilities in that current time, while also keeping a deep knowing that I can move forward with even more abilities as I progress in health, mindfulness, and joy. What do you know you are able to do? Now, what do you kinda sorta think you can do, though you want to do better? Let’s focus on that and find the strength, knowledge, and fervency to do it! Remember also that imposter syndrome is real. You are stronger, wiser, and more capable than you even know right now.

Take care of yourself first, and the joy you have in your heart. In those moments, a mindset shift will be easier than you think.

**I love to work with people with chronic illness who are looking for not only a mindset shift, but also a way to pull out their joy more, with less pain and more time to share and receive love. If you or anyone you know could use that, now is the best time to reach out. Sharing is caring. 😉

Much Love,


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