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Started by social worker and mental health professional, Kristen Guest, MDiv, LMSW, Keep Efficiently Growing, LLC (KEGLLC) is a trademark company surrounding the joy that Kristen has made a tenet of her life, as she lives with an autoimmune illness that has journeyed through life right by her side. KEGLLC starts with the core belief in the inherent worth of people and in leveraging the restorative power of joy manifested and activated in one’s life. Additionally is the belief in the transformative power of love, as has been what gets Kristen up so very much during the day.

KEGLLC encourages in its clients, team, and community their empowerment to envelop their hearts in activated joy. KEGLLC uses the guided principles – alongside its mission and vision – as value points to tap into a life of productivity and flow, successful growth, development, and attainment, and lovely, smiling faces!

Wellness Services of all kinds, such as KEGLLC, are most certainly a calling, and Kristen feels called to do this work for those who may be a bit stagnant in their lives, careers, or even family systems, to focus more on the issue at hand. This would be the point at which those who work with KEGLLC can figure out what success means to them… and achieve it, wholeheartedly.

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“Joy means different things to different people, and yet it is wrapped up in the inherent worth of each of those individuals”

– Kristen E. Guest, MDiv, LMSW
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Our Mission

Keep Efficiently Growing, LLC encourages to empower young, and more mature, newly wellness-conscious folx feeling stuck and stagnant in life because of a loss of some kind to experience joy, to achieve, and define, their own success. This is done with services – coaching, writing, speaking, and more – tailored to the well-being of its clients and community.

Our Vision

Keep Efficiently Growing LLC seeks their contribution to, and experience of, a world where achievable joy is at the forefront of hearts and minds, where relationships grow stronger, smiles grow wider, and success is a simple, fixed part of life’s journey.

5 Guiding Pillars

For the opportunity to hold greater the success of the journey, Keep Efficiently Growing, LLC values:

  1. Giving Love
  2. Creating Peace
  3. Learning Forgiveness
  4. Seeking Gratitude
  5. Calling Out Fear

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