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Have You Ever…

wondered what is making you feel so down? Are you finding yourself questioning you, your productivity, and/or your fulfillment or success in life? Do you feel a bit stagnant – you know, the way one may feel having writer’s block… except you get these feelings way more often? Have you recently experienced loss in your life, like of an ability having chronic illness(es), or a loved one, which you are grieving all the more?

No matter what that loss is,

Darling, you’ve come to the right place.

Joy means something to everyone, and is achievable by all in different ways. My role as a coach, therapist, speaking, and writer is to prove that it is possible to attain. My biggest goal, however, is to bring this idea alive in you. So read, write, reach out, or simply make a list of your life goals at the moment towards – and beyond – activating joy… and lets get a part happening!

Peace, Love, and so much Joy,

I am Kristen E. Guest and I want YOU to
  • manifest and activate joy in your life
  • achieve and attain your life’s mission(s)
  • love. on. yourself!!
  • improve on and find more loving relationships
  • conquer any anti-wellness sentiments or actions that come up!

Kristen E. Guest, MDiv., LMSW

I am here for you as a joy and wellness coach. Besides this, and being a licensed social worker (LMSW), I am a lover AND a fighter. I fight against injustice and hatred everywhere. I fight for the love of winning and for the winning of love. I am big on respect. If we would only respect all other humans in this world, who even knows what we could ALL be?? Get to know me while you read this blog, yes. But also, while you read and experience and follow, get to know YOU and your community surrounding you. With so much love for the people, Kris.

A Part of Who I Am
  • LMSW & Therapist
  • Joy & Wellness Coach

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  • Speaker
  • Blogger

Recent Causes:

During this unprecedented time of fear, angst, betrayal, anger, guilt, and danger, keeping a grateful heart and mind is more important than ever. It is also critical that we all share our gratitude. I have been reaching out as much as possible to loved ones for sometimes-long-overdue check-ins, as well as devoting some time and energy to causes dear to me, such as my alma maters, and organizations for chronic illnesses, like arthritis and scleroderma. Additionally, I am mindful of fulfilling some of my needs and wants through buying from causes that give back.

I truly hope you can join me in this effort at this necessary time where possible, when contemplating the needs of others may be just as dire as focusing on those of our own families.

I also want to take this time to thank all of you out there who are critical to the effort of keeping everyone safe. This list, of course, is not exhaustive, so if you deserve to be on this list and are not mentioned – THANK YOU!!!:

  1. Hospital and medical professionals
  2. Social workers and mental health workers working alongside
  3. Critical front-line workers and professionals (firefighters, EMS techs, law enforcement, etc.)
  4. Delivery/restaurant/grocery/service workers of all kinds
  5. Everyone taking this pandemic seriously and, as able, STAYING HOME!!!! Xoxoxo

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