3 Ways to Pivot with a Chronic Illness

I wanted to spend some time discussing a topic that comes with the territory of releasing pain and activating joy: the pivot. Find ways to change, starting with these 3 tips. Know you are not alone and with this blog in particular, I hope to see you feeling the support and love, in joy! Joy & Mindset Coaching is Here! You will find more in my posts to learn the beauty in joy when living with a chronic illness.

When I was a youngster, I LOVED travelling. I looked forward to family road trips and exciting, new experiences with the anticipation of the amazing memories to be made. I had no concept of the time that went into preparation and shuttling around three or four children for every single trip that included me and my siblings. I was simply finding joy in the fun of things.

Latest Trip with Family – The Poconos 2021

By the time I became a young adult, however, it was time for me to be in charge. I had to make the decisions around the ways in which I travelled and where I went. Because I held everything in my hands from that point on, I saw travelling in a new light. Don’t get me wrong, travelling is still an amazing and joyous experience! Still, I have to be mindful of the ways in which it also wears me out and puts a greater responsibility on me. Depending on whether I am planning an experience of excitement and adventure in memories or a period of rest and relaxation, I have to make many specific changes. I must hold and bring forth adaptations to my actions, my expectations, my plans. This, my friends, is one of the many ways in which I have had to pivot in challenging an illness that has been a part of my life for a long time. It has been a force that I also have to reckon with more as an adult.

When It’s Important to Pivot With a Chronic Illness

With a chronic illness – or any painful experience that is imposing in nature -, it is important to remember this one word. It is a word whose experience, whether or not you use the term, will come up often.


If you remember this word and the ways in which it can be used, it will become a part of your joy experience instead of your experience of pain. It can be the way you learn to enjoy your life instead of the way you justify doing, being, and having less in this world.

The 3 Ways to Pivot

Especially as chronic illness warriors, we must understand how strong and effective the pivot really is for those of us who experience pain and loss. Though the pivot is never easy or standard, it is simple and must be practiced with a new understanding; in a new light. Here are three ways I have found to pivot with a relishing for life and less downward spirals:

The next three tips are important in pivoting… to joy

Stop and Clarify

You cannot believe how often I have raced through life (so to speak, as physical movement has been a struggle…) without a simple thought of where I was going. I spent so much time breathing through pain and then trying to make up for lost time that there was no way I was going to actually experience clarity around my direction.

I am still charting my course in many ways, and yet have found the benefit and beauty in taking some time for myself; for my health and mental clarity. As much as I want to move forward fast and with a fervency that makes up for all the months in the hospital and all the years in pain, I have learned that taking a moment actually helps me waste less time than I originally thought. When I stop and think, even writing down what I want to do next in life, or in the day even, I have found something I never saw before then: I saw an understand. I understand more where life can take me and where I can find the joy. Not only that, I understand what joy is to me and when that comes, the pain that hurts most is not allowed in. Pivoting with clarity is one of the most important aspects of charting a new course.

Write Down Specific Goals Related to Your Illness and Life

Whether you are planning a day, a week, or a lifetime, clarity is not enough. Write down your goals and begin to know them forwards and backwards. Find the time to take your clarity of mind and make it even more tangible with a written statement about that specific area of your life or illness and then the surrounding areas of the same.

Writing (recording or speaking too) holds so much weight for me and for others with whom I work. For that reason, it is something that I will forever recommend. Find the best way for your joy to be represented in a pivot and make it the goal for you moving forward.

Clarifying what I wanted to do in travel, for example, dictated my goal and where it would leave me at the end of the trip – exhausted and exhilarated, or relaxed and charged. How do I want to feel at the end of a vacation? How do I find joy instead of pain or regret at this time in my life? Maybe your pivot will be something different, or mean something new for you. In any case, write down the vision and its clear way of making you smile!

Find a Joy-Filling Activity to Swipe the Anxiety and Pain and Move Toward Action

Once I am clear on the feeling and goals for that vision and feeling, I am ready to put it into action! How many times have you found your goals come to fruition without action? Exactly. For me, the issue was not taking the action, it was finding ways to act without clarity or goals behind it. Knowing what you want and then going for it works together for the joy over pain in the moment and beyond. Now, when I know that this will be a tiring trip with memorable experiences, I can prepare for the rest I will need afterwards. When I take action on a more recharging and boosting trip of relaxation, I am ready to come back to my usual life with the passion I want to have every day; for myself, for my life, for the people I serve. Life is not about pain, I’ve realized… it’s about the joy that is on me to build and the ways in which I must pivot to make that happen.

Why Should This Have to Happen Alone?

Joy in the pivot

The pivot to joy from pain is not one that has to be done alone. Knowing you have the strength and capabilities to do this is only half the battle. Yes, you can do it, no, you do not have to do it without accountability or support. My practice is about guiding, supporting, and loving. Pain and the unknown are two experiences that can keep us from the pivot we must make to get to joy. If you thought going it alone was the only way to do things, that is not so, and I would love to be the person who shows you how and why it’s okay to take on the support for your life.

Reach out for a free “steps to discover the love and joy” call! You are your own best advocate and strength; I simply want you to gain the tools to be the joy, see the joy, have the joy that may be hidden at the moment. Next step? Reach out!! I’m here.

A Big Reveal: The Excitement – And Nerves – of Activating Joy

Sometimes we must step outside of our comfort zones. It’s true; it’s incredibly difficult and seemingly impossible at times. Still, on the other side as we step outside of our comfort zones… is more joy than we ever could have imagined.

For that reason, I am doing just that. I am taking the journey to the other side of my comfort zone and making decisions about what I want to do to continue supporting those with chronic illness, those experiencing loss, and those who want more joy in their lives.

Knees shaking, palms sweaty; THAT type of nervous. THAT level of comfort-zone-bordering. I haven’t done anything like what I am doing ever in my life, so of course it will be a bit nerve-wrecking.

Venturing out as I did in this walk, watching and waiting as new blooms come forward!!

Though I believe in myself and what I am doing, it all comes down to this: who needs me and wants to find the change in their lives that will span decades of joyful recognition and life-giving purpose? I believe what I have to give is for everyone, and especially those who desire more, who desire freedom from pain and grief.

What is it I have to give? Well now, what a great question! My next venture is starting… and I am announcing it at the end of my April Showers of Joy email series on Friday! It would be so wonderful to see you there as you subscribe (here), and the excitement is real! This is an opportunity for you as well. Offering support and love to those you know who need it is truly a way to activate and express joy. I will let you know just how to do that in my email and beyond.

First, though, I must say thank you. Thank you for your readership, thank you for your patience as I navigate pain, work, and sharing my journey with you all in short and long spurts and on different platforms. You are my joy and I honor the ways in which you keep me going!

If not in your inboxes, I will see you again soon!! I can’t wait for my special announcement and I truly hope you feel the same.

Sometimes a smile is all I need, and yet, there’s more!

Always With Joy, Love, and Deuces!!

  • KrisE Guest

Sharing My Health Journey… With Joy

Because of the joy I gain in inspiring and empowering others, I hope to share my continued health journey with this very intent. Read on!

… and then, Everyone, I found myself backsliding. It was one of those things that was SO easy to do; to just go against everything I was attempting to do in my current situation and my reasons for doing them. What was I backsliding from, you ask? My healthier eating habits. For as long as I can remember I have been completely and utterly enamored with sugar. The powerful flavors on my tongue and the high I got directly afterward made me want to sing sometimes (eh who am I kidding, all the time!). Sugar was the one thing that never got old, that I would never get tired of consuming. Yes, somewhere deep down inside, I knew it was “bad” for me. I knew it had some unhealthy effects on my body… and everyone else’s. Still, I was unaware of the more correct term for it; poison. I continued to overconsume and gift to others, aiding the poisoning of others, and the degradation of the bodies of those I cared about.

This sounds dramatic, I’m sure. But did you know sugar is as addictive, if not more so, as any street drug you may find out there? Well it is! Ever gotten a headache because you didn’t have your daily Twinkie? Or find yourself “hangry”, even after a satisfying meal?? Yeah, me too; because of sugar.

A disaster in the making for many…

The effects of sugar on my body have been disastrous in more ways than I ever realized growing up. I heard my loved ones instructing me to let go of the grip sugar had on me, of course, especially as I sought to alleviate symptoms of autoimmune illness.

Did I listen? Of course not. I was sucked into the ride of my life. My relationship with sugar was so powerful, I had no intention of ever quitting it.

Let me stop, though, because this post is supposed to be more about what I have decided to do about that. One day, a few weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and see whether I could go without sugar for as long as possible. Indeed, this experiment had been in the back of my mind for years. After, however, a five-hour course by a doctor who reversed her own Lupus entirely (Dr. Brooke Goldner of http://www.goodbyelupus.com), I knew this clearing of my body – going without sugar, among other dangerous foods) – could mean the difference between life and death for me.

I went three days without any sugar and – unwittingly – because of it, my third day was amazing! I felt so good, I walked for half an hour through my neighborhood, did many chores (it is unusual for me to be able to do more than one), and needed a minimal amount of pain medicine. For whatever reason, I had no idea why, but relished that day.

Walking in my own personal backyard – aka the local golf course – brings so much joy…

In order to commemorate my good day, I decided to have one of my favorite sugary treats the following day.

That. Was. It.

About ten minutes later, I was in the bed for the rest of the day, with headaches, whole body aches, and a brain fog worse than any other.

I was barely able to move; and it clicked. Sugar!! Sugar was the culprit. My life finally came together with the recognition of this feeling and when it came: usually almost directly after eating one of my favorite treats full of sugar. Cookies, cakes, candy, brownies, pie. It was all fair game as far as wreaking havoc within my body. I kicked myself for the day (figuratively) while lying in bed for being so naive, so unaware. I gave myself that luxury – putting full blame on me and my inability, for a long time, to connect my feelings with my food.

But the next day, I stopped blaming and got to work. I looked back over my notes from the food course and made a decision to carefully and methodically work my way through to an ultra-nourishing eating plan. This includes eliminating animal products, oils, preservatives, and especially sugar. Most importantly, I will be working my way up to about half a gallon to a gallon of purified water every day. I have decided to begin with sugar and adding more water, as I have found that my energy increases more with every day I stay away from sugar. I have gone on to stop eating meat, which I find also helps my energy and slower, painful digestion, which one of my doctors wanted me to take antibiotics for in this situation…

Be willing to find roses instead of thorns

Now we come to the moments I describe in the beginning of this post. Yes, I backslid, which means I ate some sugar again… and then sugar and meat in the same day. After about three full weeks of neither… eating even one was a mistake. Or should I say, a hardship of willpower going stagnant. I am now finding, though, that it is so much easier to make it back on track towards my goals by giving myself grace and loving myself through what I note is an addiction to sugar and meat (among other things). Drinking more water and making the decision to stop is not enough. What is increasingly more important for me is caring about my mental well-being and knowing what I will add, or give myself. Realizing this has been a game-changer. I am making better decisions about what I need and what to put in my body. Why? Because I am simply loving me again. My life is worth it… and yours is too! So let’s MOOOVE!

I am so proud of you and hope to be able to support you, My Reader. Let me know how you feel that would be necessary and helpful. I am creating more and more openings and am also sending showers of emails to my subscribers with joyful notes of goodness!!

Join us!

Always Love, Joy, and Deuces (peace)!!!

  • KrisE Guest

What I Hope For You

This blog has a lot to do with the ways in which I enjoy the release of writing; the ways in which I find joy. And still, this blog is even more about what I hope for YOU! So, let’s discuss that today. I would love your help in getting a greater sense of how I can continue to guide, inspire, and grow our joy together (question for your response at the end)!

I Hope You Dance

Recorded in 1999 and released in 2000, the song “I Hope You Dance” has always been one of my favorites:

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder,

You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger,

May you never take one single breath for granted,

God forbid love ever leave you empty handed,

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean,

Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens,

Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance,

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

– Lee Ann Womack, I Hope You Dance
What I Always Hope For YOU!!

It’s a song of hope and motivation about faith and hope through adversity. In some of my darker moments of illness, I was able to remind myself through music, as well as through my own strength, not to always “sit it out”, but to “dance”. I knew, as I still know now, that I couldn’t always get up and push through the pain.

That, however, is where joy came in. It let me know that even when laid up in bed and unable to do much, I had in my control the ways in which I decided to fight/react to this horrible feeling; this pain. In reading my blog or any other way of finding my content, I hope that you are able to see this in yourself; seeing that your reaction, your love for yourself, finding peace, can get you through some of the darkest moments in life… I’d love to be a guide toward that.

I Hope You Activate Your Joy

In so many situations of loss – loved ones passing, chronic illness, being let go from a job, and much more – we tend to see an end, a dark precipice where there is only one option. What I hope in finding some of my content – stories of my own life and also some guidance for your own – is that you then happen to notice that light that is just within your reach, if only you would stretch a little to turn it on, then step away from the ledge and into your next chapter; your actual destiny.

Joy is about loving, forgiving, peacemaking and keeping, gratitude, and even motivation beside fear. It all works toward the activation of your joy; letting you know that inward joy then extended outward is what leads to your success in life, in whatever way you choose to define it; with passion. I am so excited to guide others on that journey of self-empowerment and fortitude.

I Hope You Understand

I so hope that you can understand something: YOU are amazing, you are able, and you are not alone. Whether it be my full attention and guidance, or simply reading my words – or hearing my thoughts out loud – I want you to get something from me. I want you to notice the goodness inside that is cultivated and getting stronger with each moment you come to realize more and more of your joy.

I love you and am grateful for you, and so I ask the following:

What can I do for you?? I love writing to you – even though I have my own hard times that have kept me away for longer periods than I had hoped. I have begun an April Shower of Joy Series sent straight to your inbox, which you can still subscribe to right here! I am so grateful to be a part of a few speaking opportunities, such as with Mr. Jerome Hurt of BuyBlack4Life, which you can watch here or below! I have been consulting on non-profits and had so many joyful opportunities to work with joyful community-needed projects, which you can learn more about for yourself by scheduling a call with me OR contacting me.

I say all of this because in some ways I want to do a bit more. I would love to get more of a sense of what else I can do with my content. The point of this blog and what I teach on joy is to inspire and to guide towards and with joy. What specific topics would you like to see me write about; whether to email subscribers or here on this blog site? If you do not feel comfortable commenting, please do respond through email, which you can find on this contact page.

Thank you for your readership and for opening yourself to joy!! Until next time…

The Pursuit of Continued Privilege

Finding the joy in using privilege, the joy in defeating and defining hurt, the joy in a new normal

It is now 2021 (as we all know), and many may be feeling the hope to return back to “normal” again, before March 2020, when Covid-19 was not rearing its ugly head throughout the world.

Um… can I ask, though; what is normal? Is normal the privilege of having a place to live and a safe job that you can go to every day and have money to feel and support you and your family? Because for so many people throughout the United States – throughout the world – that was never the reality. For many, the pandemic brought the opportunity to still have a position at work, but do it remotely, spending time in pajamas with family and never really having to leave the house. Does anyone ever remember wishing for something like that? Honestly. Because I certainly did. And boy did we get it…

Still, for others, the pandemic only made things worse than they already were – without a home, without a job, sometimes without a family to feel love and support from. For those without homes and livelihoods, to say the least, there was a pleading with God for anything but normal.

And to be honest, we should be hoping for the same. Not because our lives weren’t safe and positive in many ways, but because the lives of so many others were nothing like ours.

For me, my intersectional existence puts so much into perspective. I am Black, I am a woman, I have a disability and have suffered from depression as well. I realize that I have privileges that many with these identities have never even dreamed about recently. Which is where my contributions come in. Having privilege is no good if you don’t use it…

Yet, doing so must be done out of the joy and love of giving. Loving those in need in a genuine way means finding ways to fight oppression whilst using the privilege one inherently carries. It doesn’t make sense for white people to look down on themselves or be ashamed of their whiteness. This is how they were born, just as I was born Black. They can, however, learn to do something with the privilege of being white for the good of humanity. This would include speaking up to other white people and teaching the love and nurturing aspects of collective thought and communication.

Learning how to do this is as simple as looking deep inside oneself and deciding what would create a more equitable, just, and comfortable environment for self and others in varying situations.

Being anti-racist (over non-racist) is about taking action. Speak up for those who are vulnerable or simply less privileged than you are. It’s really up to you to be the person of your dreams.

I wish everyone so much love. As we close out another Black History Month in the United States of America, please do not forget: US History IS Black History. Love humans of every background every day, for the good…


MY BLACK HISTORY – GMA EVELYN – Remain in Peace My Love – with Mama
  • It has been an incredibly trying month for me. That’s not the point, though. The point is, I could not let the month of history of my community (even though I will celebrate Black people, love, and culture every day of my life!) in the US go by without say something that I hope you, my readers, will take with you. I love you so much and am so grateful for your readership. I am also coming into people’s inboxes! Want in? Reach out, or see my contact page… here!

On Forgiveness

Learning to give grace to the people, things, and circumstances that try to steal our joy… including ourselves!

For those of us with chronic illness, there are factors in our lives, of our illnesses, that we wish, now more than ever, we could change. Has the following ever been you… with or withou chronic illness?:

You are in another terrible, less-than-desirable situation (for me, it might be losing all of my steam before noon hits and therefore losing precious hours of prime work time by laying down in bed). You know it’s not your fault, really; you do. And yet, here come the subsequent thought patterns leading you back to the familiar notion that it is on you. Guilt and sadness pervade your entire being, and now not only are you paralyzed by the situation (and lying in bed, on my end), but you are also living on an island in your mind, completely devoid of civilization; and you’re there to stay.

Take some time to get out of your head. A walk, writing, even praying – if you’re into that – can help you prepare for the grace you must be ready to give

Unless… did you know there are way to get out of your head? Control your thoughts and use them to your advantage, not your detriment? You can forgive yourself and your situation while shifting your focus to the positive and to the good.

Take a few minutes every day – preferably in the morning to get a great and powerful start to your day – and write down grateful thoughts, positive thoughts, and thoughts about who or what you need to give some grace.

To be able to forgive yourself, though, is the most powerful of all. Little do we know that a lot of the most difficult and stressful feelings that come out of us spawn from a guilt, a shame, or a simple disdain for things that we have done or believed that are contradictory to our values and/or our life goals.

Additionally, there are times when we don’t even believe we have done anything wrong, but we feel the current situation calls for someone or something to blame, and who is most available other than our own selves?

Remember something for me, please, you are wise and strong and nothing that you do or experience warrants taking away grace. Forgive, give grace, and know that life is here for you to take it with both hands… and LIVE! So, with some writing of your thoughts, a little support, and even some accountability (I can help!), let grace fall into place. Hey! Rhymetime! 😉

I’m not at all perfect in any of this; far from it. Still, it’s a wonderful reminder to forgive and show love to as many as we can, especially ourselves. So I write this to remind myself just as much as you.

Write down a person or situation you must forgive. Yes, no time like the present; do it now! If you’d like to share, you are most welcome to, through comment or email – k.guest@fortheloveofkeg.com. Always here, always rooting for you!… and me! lol

With so much love and grace,


I Don’t Have All the Answers…

But I do have a solution or two!

Especially with the days 2020 seems to have left us, a lot of things have been confusing. Yet, I realize that I have not quite shared much about who I am and what I believe. In part, it has felt like a long and daunting task, even with the contradicting feeling that I am a very simple person!. Still, I want to be transparent about my beliefs, as that is why I have studied at places like Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University School of Social Work, both in NYC and entrenched in social justice work and language. I want to combine an understanding of belief systems with the experience of hearing and pulling out stories, social justice language, and wisdom, putting it all together for the betterment of those I serve, in addition to myself.

Joy in knowing, joy in the beauty of the view from the top!

It is always good to remind ourselves that we don’t have all the answers… and we’re not supposed to have them all. So please know: whether it be about health, motivation, success, mental health and mindset, emotions, or joy itself; I do not know it all. I am learning and growing every day, and I love that aspect of my life. On the one hand, it can seem shameful and sad to not know everything we want to know all the time. And yet, opportunities to learn and seek information brings us to a place where we never stop moving upward.

The view is way more beautiful than before as we continue moving from peak to peak in our pursuit of knowing. What I do know, though, is that in my 34 years, I have come to see and experience things that have shaped my life in a myriad of ways; that have caused me to readily believe in some things and not others.

I believe in values – that we all have them and that the type of person we become depends, in part, on the experiences that mold us and show us what can be ourselves. They also, in large part, depend on the values that come from within, influenced by those experiences, as well as our own thoughts, ideas, emotions and actions.

As you begin with joy, watch all those dream come to the surface!

I believe in the value of perception. The ways in which we perceive things evokes the good, the bad, and even the ugly in what we think, feel or emote, and then act upon! Did you know your thoughts were so audacious, glorious, and powerful? Keep them squared on and towards your joyful heart!

Isn’t it beautiful? And YES, those are purple sweet potatoes!

I believe that health is key and a perfect way to show yourself love. Remember, when putting steps in place to achieve and activate joy, you must care for YOU and put YOU in the picture towards pillar action steps. Otherwise… how will you care for those you serve and love?

Some of the things I believe to the fullest extent possible. Know that I will be here to share more of my beliefs as time moves forward. My health, remember, is coming first this year. I am so excited to share this journey with you, starting with a very healthy, plant-based dinner wrap. Did you know they make plant-based EGGS now? No? You gotta try.

Please, if you are so inclined, let me know one or two beliefs you hold on to tightly. What do you keep in your heart? What do you treasure? You can share below as you are able.

Love, peace, and joy to you all,

KrisE Guest

This is my Joy Confession…

Usher may have had a big confession or two, but I’ve got one myself. I hope it actually helps you and shows you that we are not perfect beings. We are not supposed to be and we can all come together in the spirit of imperfection to do better.

Many believe in the power of New Year resolutions – though the power is only really there when motivation to achieve the resolution is revved up high. This is one of the reasons I’ve started sharing my joy activation journey this past year. I have found joy to be the purposeful motivator in my life.

Some days feel better than others.

It feeds on the love and support I get and give myself while it causes the peace to go all around in every direction. It promotes forgiveness, especially during those times I need to forgive myself. It helps me seek gratitude in every way possible each day, and it motivates me to create a safety net around me; to tame the fear that tends to tell me I can’t do something

(see what I did there??! Those were my 5 Pillars of Activating Joy!)

Joy has been there for me as the common denominator to any and all of my successful habits.

I have stopped holding onto the idea of New Year resolutions only. I believe that if there’s something you need to do to benefit you , you should start it toDAY!! [Nails sufficiently bitten…]

Joy is so important in our lives and in the world we all live in accordingly. Yet, joy cannot really be activated without the arousal and development of the pillars that come from within, not just from our surrounding environments.

For me, I have found that I’ve not done all I need to do in order to succeed and fulfill my joy. That, my dear friends, is my confession. I activate my joy in many ways every day, but not to its fullest. In order to do that, I would have to really be taking on the pillar of giving myself love, peace, and forgiving myself as well better than I have. To do better, there is a huge area of life I must focus on: my overall health and wellness.

That’s right, Y’all, I need to take better care of ME!

Some days are sicker than others

As many of you know, I have a chronic autoimmune illness – Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder – a mixture of the autoimmune illnesses Lupus and Scleroderma, amongst others. To be honest, I feel I have done a great job fighting to be alive and smile through pain, heartache, and crazy, stupid cell mortality in various areas. Yet, I did not know that there was so much more out there for me to do. Maybe as a child there wasn’t as much that I could do… science and knowledge is always changing, after all. Now, though, we know: food is medicine and a collection of healing elements that can not just see me through the pain and disease in my body… but also rid me of it all. I truly believe this, for it has happened in so many other cases.

I have made a decision to eat better, less inflammatory, more nutrient-dense foods and will use this tactic to feel better and more energized. I will also look onward with more anticipation to ways to fully care for and love on myself. With those actions, I will seek to cure symptoms, if not my entire illness. It’s time to bring my health into my journey to joy and I will do so with the joy that I have cherished and built for so many years. I invite you to join me on my journey in and through this joyful and impactful health path.

I look forward to the kind of self-care that gets me beyond my current state of joy, to physical joy in health. Wish me luck and blessings!

Love to you all, my Dears


If you are interested, please do join us for my workshop: “Joy in Hard Times for Leaders”. To learn more, including how to join, you may click here!

Much Love again.

Today is the Day: For Better Joy… or Worse

Today is the day of miracles, the day of wishes come true. It is also the day my beautiful mom left the earth and became our guardian angel. I’ve written about my mom before; yet, she deserves to have her name shouted from the rooftops. Her love and grace and the way she made everyone, especially her family, feel so special, is part of the way I was able to activate my joy. Creating a community has been the aspect of my joy that catapults my pillars of joy (Giving Love, Creating Peace, Learning Forgiveness, Seeking Gratitude, & Calling Out Fear) forward in multiples. My mother created a beautiful circle of women around me that love me and remember my mom fondly. Additionally, I learned how to create my own community of support and gracious love because my mother was the greatest teacher as well.

You can definitely build this level of support too, with out without a role model forging ahead of you to show you the path. Just know now that the circle you create dictates what kind of challenges and uplifting support you get. Thank goodness for me, my mom started that circle and created a way for my sometimes naïve younger self to develop and grow a spirit of joy in life that motivates me and pushes me forward.

In fact, what my mother has shown me has led me right where I am, to a place of heart-filled decision-making. I’m so excited about the decision I have made in my life in regards to my health. I have another post coming to start our new year, 2021, and I can’t wait to share it!

I look forward to more sharing with you, Dear Reader.

In love and the spirit of the holidays,

KrisE Guest!

Activate Joy with Holidays… Looming

Holidays are a time for joy and laughter and reminiscing and giving. And, for many, including me, it can also be a time regret, guilt, pain, and grief. There is space for both in your world, even as you work to feel and be better throughout your life. This post is designated to the ways in which we aim to feel joy despite the negative aspects of the holidays.

It’s holiday time, everyone. Do you know what that means? I’m still trying to figure it out in some ways. For many it’s truly a time of joy and light. For others, heartache, pain, and grief Still, you can experience the joy activated within you as grief sits beside you this holiday season. This has certainly been a trying year. Yet, the holiday season tends to be hard for many over the course of many years. With so many more people losing loved ones and employment and hope this season, though, it tends to show that toughness even more. For me, the holiday season is the exact moment (Christmas eve, 2010) when I lost my mother, who was – and in many ways still is – the rock of my existence. She showed me the ways to be charismatic and thoughtful and brave despite having an illness ravaging my body my whole life. She lost her battle to cancer in her body, but not in spirit. She maintained her joy, and so have I. Let’s talk about activating joy even during the hard part of the holidays.

What is it that we can do to make the holidays only joyful?

Right, we won’t always be happy, but we can be joyful this holiday season. Watch!

Guess what y’all. I hate to break it to you, but the holidays – and tough times in general – will never be only full of joy. And it wasn’t meant to be. Holidays and good times are about love; sharing that love with others and remembering the pride of your accomplishments and what you have created in your life is part of what it’s all about. Yet, if you have lost the very people you share the love with, that can be one of the most critical ways we may let joy float away.

Know that even with difficult spaces held in life, you are not supposed to let the joy simply float away. Guilt and pain and sadness are supposed to be there. Remember, you’ve lost something you cherished. You can’t be happy all the livelong day. However, you CAN remain joyful, because joy will be activated and stay in your heart, whether your feelings go up or down. That is precisely what activating joy means. You don’t have to be happy all the time, especially when your body needs to feel and express that sadness deep down in your heart, letting it out eventually. You do, though, need to have joy to be able to escape the days of the downtrodden feelings. There is space for all of the feelings that live inside of you and your life. Really, there are. However, with joy in your heart, the great feelings come back much faster.

I am so excited, even as the Holidays loom

It is so important to be grateful this holiday season. It’s a time of pain and hard memories, but being grateful is one of the best ways to bring the joy into your heart. Not always happy, but always joyful with gratitude.

Although I am missing loved ones this holiday season, and missing good times that have been able to bring me happiness, I have joy to comfort me. I can’t believe I am so blessed as to have it remaining in my heart. That excites me. What excites me even more, though, is that I get to share that joy with all of you. Not only will I share via my blog post, but I am working on resources (still) that will help me teach you and anyone who desires the joy that remains to activate joy. Courses and coaching programs and 1:1 practice and other resources too! All of this is coming, I promise! I can’t wait to share the ways in which joy comes to me in a more thorough and actionable way.

Joy is a necessary aspect of life for all; a way to experience what is and what can be. A way to show that you can have what you so desire, with the energy of light and hope that brings back happiness and positivity, even in the depths of the times we think we can never be happy again. I am actually still thankful for the holiday season, even though it reminds me of one of the worst moments in my life. It was still my mom’s favorite time of year, and it continues to bring family and good feelings together in moments of solitude that allows one to think of what makes them grateful in all of their life. Do that now: just think of what in your life brings the gratitude and love brimming up to the top of your heart. Now is as good a time as any to do just that. What are you grateful for, even in this holiday season during a pandemic of hurt and loss and pain? Please feel free to share in the comments.

  • Just wanted to also let you know that I have a workshop coming up! Join me! We will discuss the benefits of implementing my five pillars of activating joy for both yourself and others, as well as some of the action steps to get there. More info on what it’s about, how to join, and how to ask more questions HERE

Happy Holidays all. With so much love and gratitude… for you!


KrisE Guest