This is my Joy Confession…

Usher may have had a big confession or two, but I’ve got one myself. I hope it actually helps you and shows you that we are not perfect beings. We are not supposed to be and we can all come together in the spirit of imperfection to do better.

Many believe in the power of New Year resolutions – though the power is only really there when motivation to achieve the resolution is revved up high. This is one of the reasons I’ve started sharing my joy activation journey this past year. I have found joy to be the purposeful motivator in my life.

Some days feel better than others.

It feeds on the love and support I get and give myself while it causes the peace to go all around in every direction. It promotes forgiveness, especially during those times I need to forgive myself. It helps me seek gratitude in every way possible each day, and it motivates me to create a safety net around me; to tame the fear that tends to tell me I can’t do something

(see what I did there??! Those were my 5 Pillars of Activating Joy!)

Joy has been there for me as the common denominator to any and all of my successful habits.

I have stopped holding onto the idea of New Year resolutions only. I believe that if there’s something you need to do to benefit you , you should start it toDAY!! [Nails sufficiently bitten…]

Joy is so important in our lives and in the world we all live in accordingly. Yet, joy cannot really be activated without the arousal and development of the pillars that come from within, not just from our surrounding environments.

For me, I have found that I’ve not done all I need to do in order to succeed and fulfill my joy. That, my dear friends, is my confession. I activate my joy in many ways every day, but not to its fullest. In order to do that, I would have to really be taking on the pillar of giving myself love, peace, and forgiving myself as well better than I have. To do better, there is a huge area of life I must focus on: my overall health and wellness.

That’s right, Y’all, I need to take better care of ME!

Some days are sicker than others

As many of you know, I have a chronic autoimmune illness – Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder – a mixture of the autoimmune illnesses Lupus and Scleroderma, amongst others. To be honest, I feel I have done a great job fighting to be alive and smile through pain, heartache, and crazy, stupid cell mortality in various areas. Yet, I did not know that there was so much more out there for me to do. Maybe as a child there wasn’t as much that I could do… science and knowledge is always changing, after all. Now, though, we know: food is medicine and a collection of healing elements that can not just see me through the pain and disease in my body… but also rid me of it all. I truly believe this, for it has happened in so many other cases.

I have made a decision to eat better, less inflammatory, more nutrient-dense foods and will use this tactic to feel better and more energized. I will also look onward with more anticipation to ways to fully care for and love on myself. With those actions, I will seek to cure symptoms, if not my entire illness. It’s time to bring my health into my journey to joy and I will do so with the joy that I have cherished and built for so many years. I invite you to join me on my journey in and through this joyful and impactful health path.

I look forward to the kind of self-care that gets me beyond my current state of joy, to physical joy in health. Wish me luck and blessings!

Love to you all, my Dears


If you are interested, please do join us for my workshop: “Joy in Hard Times for Leaders”. To learn more, including how to join, you may click here!

Much Love again.

Today is the Day: For Better Joy… or Worse

Today is the day of miracles, the day of wishes come true. It is also the day my beautiful mom left the earth and became our guardian angel. I’ve written about my mom before; yet, she deserves to have her name shouted from the rooftops. Her love and grace and the way she made everyone, especially her family, feel so special, is part of the way I was able to activate my joy. Creating a community has been the aspect of my joy that catapults my pillars of joy (Giving Love, Creating Peace, Learning Forgiveness, Seeking Gratitude, & Calling Out Fear) forward in multiples. My mother created a beautiful circle of women around me that love me and remember my mom fondly. Additionally, I learned how to create my own community of support and gracious love because my mother was the greatest teacher as well.

You can definitely build this level of support too, with out without a role model forging ahead of you to show you the path. Just know now that the circle you create dictates what kind of challenges and uplifting support you get. Thank goodness for me, my mom started that circle and created a way for my sometimes naïve younger self to develop and grow a spirit of joy in life that motivates me and pushes me forward.

In fact, what my mother has shown me has led me right where I am, to a place of heart-filled decision-making. I’m so excited about the decision I have made in my life in regards to my health. I have another post coming to start our new year, 2021, and I can’t wait to share it!

I look forward to more sharing with you, Dear Reader.

In love and the spirit of the holidays,

KrisE Guest!

Activate Joy with Holidays… Looming

Holidays are a time for joy and laughter and reminiscing and giving. And, for many, including me, it can also be a time regret, guilt, pain, and grief. There is space for both in your world, even as you work to feel and be better throughout your life. This post is designated to the ways in which we aim to feel joy despite the negative aspects of the holidays.

It’s holiday time, everyone. Do you know what that means? I’m still trying to figure it out in some ways. For many it’s truly a time of joy and light. For others, heartache, pain, and grief Still, you can experience the joy activated within you as grief sits beside you this holiday season. This has certainly been a trying year. Yet, the holiday season tends to be hard for many over the course of many years. With so many more people losing loved ones and employment and hope this season, though, it tends to show that toughness even more. For me, the holiday season is the exact moment (Christmas eve, 2010) when I lost my mother, who was – and in many ways still is – the rock of my existence. She showed me the ways to be charismatic and thoughtful and brave despite having an illness ravaging my body my whole life. She lost her battle to cancer in her body, but not in spirit. She maintained her joy, and so have I. Let’s talk about activating joy even during the hard part of the holidays.

What is it that we can do to make the holidays only joyful?

Right, we won’t always be happy, but we can be joyful this holiday season. Watch!

Guess what y’all. I hate to break it to you, but the holidays – and tough times in general – will never be only full of joy. And it wasn’t meant to be. Holidays and good times are about love; sharing that love with others and remembering the pride of your accomplishments and what you have created in your life is part of what it’s all about. Yet, if you have lost the very people you share the love with, that can be one of the most critical ways we may let joy float away.

Know that even with difficult spaces held in life, you are not supposed to let the joy simply float away. Guilt and pain and sadness are supposed to be there. Remember, you’ve lost something you cherished. You can’t be happy all the livelong day. However, you CAN remain joyful, because joy will be activated and stay in your heart, whether your feelings go up or down. That is precisely what activating joy means. You don’t have to be happy all the time, especially when your body needs to feel and express that sadness deep down in your heart, letting it out eventually. You do, though, need to have joy to be able to escape the days of the downtrodden feelings. There is space for all of the feelings that live inside of you and your life. Really, there are. However, with joy in your heart, the great feelings come back much faster.

I am so excited, even as the Holidays loom

It is so important to be grateful this holiday season. It’s a time of pain and hard memories, but being grateful is one of the best ways to bring the joy into your heart. Not always happy, but always joyful with gratitude.

Although I am missing loved ones this holiday season, and missing good times that have been able to bring me happiness, I have joy to comfort me. I can’t believe I am so blessed as to have it remaining in my heart. That excites me. What excites me even more, though, is that I get to share that joy with all of you. Not only will I share via my blog post, but I am working on resources (still) that will help me teach you and anyone who desires the joy that remains to activate joy. Courses and coaching programs and 1:1 practice and other resources too! All of this is coming, I promise! I can’t wait to share the ways in which joy comes to me in a more thorough and actionable way.

Joy is a necessary aspect of life for all; a way to experience what is and what can be. A way to show that you can have what you so desire, with the energy of light and hope that brings back happiness and positivity, even in the depths of the times we think we can never be happy again. I am actually still thankful for the holiday season, even though it reminds me of one of the worst moments in my life. It was still my mom’s favorite time of year, and it continues to bring family and good feelings together in moments of solitude that allows one to think of what makes them grateful in all of their life. Do that now: just think of what in your life brings the gratitude and love brimming up to the top of your heart. Now is as good a time as any to do just that. What are you grateful for, even in this holiday season during a pandemic of hurt and loss and pain? Please feel free to share in the comments.

  • Just wanted to also let you know that I have a workshop coming up! Join me! We will discuss the benefits of implementing my five pillars of activating joy for both yourself and others, as well as some of the action steps to get there. More info on what it’s about, how to join, and how to ask more questions HERE

Happy Holidays all. With so much love and gratitude… for you!


KrisE Guest

Did Someone Say Christmas Party??

Christmas is an incredibly hard time of year for me… but this week is so special! I get to be a part of something awesome, and you can be a part of it too! Might you be interested in getting my upcoming workshop (and so much more!) for $100 instead of $275? Keep reading regardless…

Can you believe we’re already 7 days into December?!

With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve got a little (well, actually it’s quite a big) gift for you! 🎁

A few weeks ago, one of my business role models posted about a fun idea she had for Christmas this year. 

If you don’t know Lizzy, here’s the 411:

✨ She’s always showcasing and promoting her clients and students. 

✨ She loves to experiment with different things in her business. 

✨ She’s pretty awesome!

The fun idea was a Christmas Party with ‘Goody Bags’ made up of her clients’ courses, trainings and digital products. 

She had over 100 people respond offering up their amazing digital products for the goody bags. And I was one of those people! 🙋‍♀️

Her Christmas Party, complete with those all-important goody bags is now live! 

Here’s what you need to know:

🛍️ Regular Goody Bag (Free) – Contains 85+ products of value up to $100

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I have contributed my workshop on creating joy in hard times as a leader coming up in January to the Premium Goody Bag! (more info here!) It’s normally $275, but you can get my workshop and more for only $100!

You can grab one, or both of the Goody Bags here

But be fast, they’ll be disappearing on Friday! She can’t convince us to give away our best products like this indefinitely!

Oh, this gift is for anyone who wants it, so please be sure to pass this on to friends and family galore!!

Also, I AM so honored to be asked to partner with Lizzy because I honestly do want as many people as possible to feel and regain that joy. I hope to be able to give the gift of self-empowerment to activate joy to as many people as possible, and make it accessible to as many as I can also. So this workshop, though it is the only one that I submitted to Lizzy’s party, is hopefully one of many that can lead others to the joy that can remain in their hearts for their whole lives to come. I hope you will at least check out this advantageous goody bag. Thanks y’all! Be well.

Signing off for now,

KrisE Guest

For the Love of Gratitude: An Important and Impactful Find on the Path to Joy

In the spirit of holiday love and blessing, especially as this is the weekend of USA Thanksgiving Day – I am spending some time in this post writing on one of my five pillars of joy.

Oh, did you not know I had five pillars as part of my role as a Joy Coach? Oops, my bad…

This pillar discusses how important it is to seek gratitude every day. The sound of it is a little weird, right? Is gratitude hiding? Must we play a game of hide-and-seek with our thankfulness? Not a “game” per se, but yes, at times our gratitude is hiding. It can take some doing to find gratitude in depth; the gratitude your joy longs for, and your heart hides deep down inside. Yet, finding the gratitude you seek is beyond worth it.

Studies have shown that naming what you are grateful for does in fact lift spirits and spark joy. For this reason, a small jolt for the day can be found in a consistent, daily gratitude journal practice. I add consistency because without that, practices may linger here and there, with distracted doing now and then, but they eventually taper off, and where is the joy in that?

Gratitude. Changes. EVERYTHING!!

Now, choosing the layout of your gratitude journal is definitely for you. Having that autonomy to choose or create, and creative license brings a special kind of joy. As long as you are consistent with it, know that a gratitude journal helps to put – and keep – things in perspective.

Without the act of seeking gratitude, we as humans tend to focus a lot on the negative, and lose focus of what brings joy. This is natural and doesn’t make you a bad person or anything. It also doesn’t, however, paint the picture of yourself or the world that your heart longs for all the time. In spirit, joy – not necessarily positivity – is an important aspect of a life well lived. No, your days won’t always be hunky-dory, or go the way you would like, and you may not always have an amazingly beautiful outlook on life. With the current state of our world, that’s a given. You will, however, have the opportunity to make joy a permanent resident in your heart.

Reminder: Bloom where you are planted, for joy will bloom with you.

I don’t pretend that life doesn’t have its deep downs and drive us crazy, but at the same time, these downs strengthen us. With the right level of support and/or perspective, we can certainly uplift ourselves to a powerful place. Know that. Believe that for yourself.

While the holidays can and will be different this year, so are you. And that, at least, is something for which to be grateful.

Let me know what you are grateful for this season and beyond in the comments!!!

My Biggest Challenges to Finding Joy and What I Found Within Myself

Another story of my illness, and what it taught me… about me.

A Heavy Topic in the Realm of Joy

One of the heaviest questions I am ever asked is “What challenges have you overcome?” Obviously, there have been a few huge ones. But, given the state of this time in human history in general, the question can become even bigger and more complex itself. Yet, thinking back during my lifetime, I have, in fact, had to experience quite a few challenges. The biggest one I would say, considering the way it affected me emotionally, is my mother’s passing about ten years ago. I am so privileged to have had a loving and caring mother growing up; plus her being a medical professional was certainly beneficial in my case especially. Losing such an insurmountable amount of support was (is) devastating. It felt so quick – like a shock – even though her illness did progress fairly steadily over the course of 12 years.

Find Lessons

Image of the workshop I recently completed successfully. It went very well and helped me realize more of what I am capable of! What a confidence boost! 😉

What have I learned from this challenge? The biggest, and probably the most important lesson is how capable I can be when devoting my heart and mind to something fully. Of course, wherever this capability leads, it does not always find perfections; and it doesn’t have to, thankfully. I have had to take on solely many things my mom used to help me with: finances, medical needs, mental and physical wellness, etc.

My strengths, and even my knowledge base, has increased considerably, though it was, of course started by my mother. I hate to say this in a way, because it almost makes it sound like it was a good thing that my mother passed away. While I did have to learn and do things on my own faster with this loss, it doesn’t mean I don’t miss – or need – my mom at many critical times still today. It will never be my opinion that her death was fully necessary for any reason; at least for me. However, I also will not let her death be in vain.

But Wait, There’s More!

Another long-term challenge I have been dealing with for as long as I can remember is the autoimmune illness with which I still live. I was diagnosed first with Lupus (SLE) at the age of five years old. When my parents learned it was not Lyme Disease from being outside in the woodsy area of my hometown at the time, but that it was, in fact, SLE, they knew we were ALL in for a life wrought with challenges. Of course, no one can ever really predict how much, so it’s hard to plan ahead. Still the difficult times were coming, and they did. I was later diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, with biggest presenting illnesses of this combination of many diseases being Lupus (SLE) and Scleroderma. A higher level of pain and complications were now added to the mix.

A photo of me as a youngster with my two brothers. A life full of pain… and smiles for me! I knew even then what it meant to activate joy in the midst of trauma and sadness from living with chronic illness. So grateful for that.

I was forced to stay inside a lot as a child, as cold temperatures were a major trigger of pain and flares. I felt worn down a lot more than a young child really should with the slightest activities, tending to keep me out of certain friendship circles many times; kids who just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t hit the ball with my hands or ride my bike down the street. Additionally, to my chagrin, I was required to take many medications, handfuls at a time, and sometimes infusions, usually just so I could maintain function or life. The challenge of having this illness created many of the other issues I have experienced throughout life.

Sometimes Life Can Be a Loss…

Spending countless days in the hospital – at times fighting for my life – created in my mind the notion to sometimes refer to it as my ‘second home’; for better or for worse. So many doctors, nurses, and pieces of medical equipment. Numerous pretty intense surgeries and rounds of chemo drugs. All of this in the name of getting me “better” or keeping me “well”. I had life, thank God, but sometimes, I didn’t really feel like I had A life. Staying inside on Halloween, or cooler fall evenings when friends wanted to go out and walk in the center downtown, or ride bikes through the neighborhood amidst beautiful, colorful foliage outside. Losing the opportunity to do many of the crafts I loved involving my fingers – which tended to throb and sear in pain, covered in ulcers at the tips. Insurmountable pain spikes that began in the hip joint where – abnormally – bone met bone, and continued down and beyond my leg. All of this, of course, constitutes a challenge and, at times, I feel robbed of what I believed to be a proper childhood.

Thank God for the Lessons!

Then I tend to realize how much I’ve learned from these hardships in life, just like with any other. I take the good with the bad and somehow make it a positive as humanly feasible for me many days. My biggest lesson in life from both of these challenges is how important and incredible mental strength and acuity can be, especially when physical strength falls short. I hold so much gratitude for the strength that doesn’t always feel like strength in the midst of pain and suffering. I am thankful for mental fortitude that allows me to come out of the low places that physical sickness may put me into.

Your Turn

What do you find yourself learning from your life challenges? I can’t wait to hear! Comment below.

All smiles and smirks!

Blessings and peace to you all as you continue to activate your joy.

  • KrisE Guest ❤

It Went Well: Joy in Traumatic Times

Today I conducted a workshop and it went so well! I couldn’t have asked for more today as I set out on my journey to activate joy in others like I did myself!! I especially work with those diagnosed with – or experiencing in some way – chronic illness and having a hard time “coming to terms” with it. But, my workshops are for all, and this one was great!

Awesome event! Reach out to learn more!

However, this is all I’ve got for you today. After the workshop in all its glory, I am not able to publish an actual blog post for you today. But I’ll be back next week, same place!! 😉

Also, I am selling the recording of today for donations to my church. If anyone would like one, be sure to reach out!! For more joy and until we meet again, be well.



Casting Out Fear

A Biblical phrase that finds perfect alignment with the needs of those seeking to activate their joy.

Let’s set the record straight… on fear. We need to show it the door.

The Tragedy That is Fear

Fear within, experienced by many who are unable to activate their joy, is not an anomaly. Yet, it’s almost treated as such; fear is so personal. Not being intuitive and addressing our inner worries fully and thoroughly can have major consequences on you and your surrounding environment.

What Happens With Fear

When you are held under fear, you may try your best to suppress it and keep from validating it, recognizing it, and allowing it to pass through; OR you might try to over control it, then holding on for dear life, needing to control that and everything else around you.

Fear of heights and falling? Or an utterly amazing God-made view for your enjoyment?

Both scenarios contribute to an ineffective work and personal life. Attempts that are anything but the acknowledgment and then subsequent release of fear keep you from being a productive member of society. But most importantly, it will lead you in the opposite direction from your joy!

Understanding Fear

As a woman with a chronic, autoimmune illness, I truly understand fear. From the fear of missing out on an important deadline or event to the fear of an impending early death, I have let my mindset get diverted towards my fear and things I can’t control instead of towards life and joy. This type of fear, though, as traumatic and flagrant as it may be, aligns well with anyone else’s fear. Yes, we are all unique and have different fears, but no matter who fears in what way, our fears are valid. Additionally, your fear of failure may hit you in just the same way as a fear of dying soon from a debilitating illness.

A favorite verse of mine. Remember that giving love, to yourself and others, is a key way to activate your joy… and cast out fear!

It becomes a deliberate path to the wicked witch’s house; away from the land of Oz and limitless possibilities. Accessing the tools to fully process your fear will lead you to abolish it enough [if not fully] to activate your joy, and spend time wrestling with issues that stand to give you the inner peace in life and success and productivity in business that you deserve.

What to Remember

It is important, when fear arises, to ponder this: is my fear rational? is my fear imminent if it is rational? And is my fear subjecting me to the sadness and guilt and/or blame that drags me away from activating my joy? Find a way to cast out fear, for it is indefinitely going to stomp out a wonderful life well lived. Try love, try forgiveness (of self and others and circumstances), try imperfect ways of reflecting and meditating and practicing self-care. All aside from wallowing in a sadness that makes fear much more prominent

How About You?

Has fear overtaken you at all? Is it now? Take a few deep breaths and ponder the questions above. Ask yourself if it’s okay… give yourself permission to activate your joy and actually live now, regardless of what the future brings.

I love hearing from you, whether it be your comments or emails. Let me know what you think of this message, or any message so far. I hope this is a timely message for you all, my readers.


Kristen G. ♥️

An Image of Memory

Remembering good and bad times… and learning forgiveness for the feelings that come up towards it all

I cannot see a chapel like this without thinking of seminary times, but also simply of my own faith and how it has shaped my character, now and moving forward. I am grateful for every experience I have had – for better or for worse -, and trust me, grappling with my own faith, and

It Ain’t Perfect

Christianity in general, has had its share of “for worse”! As much as even I hate to admit it, Christianity is not at all perfect, mainly because it has been continued by humans leading God’s flocks. I am pained when I see hatred where there is supposed to be love, anger where there is supposed to be joy, judgment where there should be grace and forgiveness. Still, I know that the humans behind Christianity themselves cannot make any of it perfect because humans can no longer be perfect.

When I think back to my time in grad school, it’s hard not to remember all the so-called Christians who did me wrong.

One of my favorite scriptures, reminding me not to rely on humans as heavily as I sometimes do…

Abuse is Abuse

I don’t mince words either, I experienced abuse in those halls – emotional and mental – and the kind of hell that Christians should not be casting down on one another… When I think back to my time in grad school, it’s hard not to remember all the so-called Christians who did me wrong. I don’t mince words either, I experienced abuse in those halls – emotional and mental – and the kind of hell that Christians should not be casting down on one another…

Still, There is Forgiveness

Yet, one of the biggest elements in activating joy – and often the hardest to grasp – is forgiveness, along with love, on top of several other key points. I realize the people I came across, just as I am not perfect, are not perfect either. Even more importantly, there are those, even those at and attending seminary, who cannot see the harm they cause towards others. Still, I forgive, and let it simply be a part of my journey to joy. Is it easy? In no way, shape, or form. It’s still a work in progress that I hope to continue making strides further towards as time goes on.

It is important to stay in tune with not only the physical, but metaphysical aspects of our thoughts and experiences… leads to wondrous outcomes towards joy.

Your Turn!!

What has created for you a deep, spiritual moment, a moment of faith and mental calm, or even a time of deep spiritual warfare within? Does faith embody any part of your life or your joy? Does spirituality?

Remember to let me know in the comments your thoughts on any of my experiences and remarks, or your own experiences as you read!

Maybe this picture brought up something completely new and different for you. That is okay. In fact, it’s encouraged! Let’s activate our joy because of, and in spite of, all things, good and not so good.

Until we meet again, in these pages, or in person, I send you so much love and many blessings.

Activate your joy, Y’all!

– KrisE Guest

The Power of Affirmation

A look at the difference between affirmations and validations

Times are difficult, especially now. With internal and external hardships alike that cause us to react in negative ways, it is even more vital now to be less emotionally responsive in negative ways and more positive to ourselves and others. Two ways of doing this are to self-affirm and self-validate, or to give both to others as a way of lifting their spirits as well as your own. Though many may not know this – using the two words interchangeably – there is a difference between affirmations and validations.

Validation or Affirmation?

With validations we render a statement true. Those things that we validate are, in our hearts and minds, true, sufficient, and factual. Affirmations, on the other hand, are statements that are said in order to create the truth in your heart and mind gradually. Whether you believe it or not – whether it is currently true or not – affirmations can be stated out loud or on paper to really get you going towards making the statement itself true.

When We Use One Over the Other

There are days when I don’t believe this. It truly helps to repeat affirmations until they become true… Out Loud! ❤

We tend to validate when we are encouraging others to remember something great about themselves, while we affirm more to manifest such truths in our lives. When we affirm, we acknowledge the good and the strong in ourselves and others.

Using Affirmations to Discover the Joys in Your Life

Affirmations will, when practiced as a ritualized routine, improve self-esteem, help reach a goal, break habits, find love (in many different forms), and of course activate joy. With our subconscious, positive affirmations work to help us gain lasting changes for the better. Joy as an emotion may be experienced many times in our lives, but sadly, we either don’t celebrate even those small moments of joy, or we don’t even recognize its presence. By practicing affirmations, we will rediscover peace, health, and happiness, and activate our joy.

Examples of Positive Affirmations and How They Can Improve Your Life

‘I bring positivity and joy to me and I express the joy that comes my way.’

So, of course, I would like for use to practice this together now. Here are a few affirmations, I want you to say out loud in front of a mirror, and then write in your journal for the next 21 days (to form it into a habitual thought, of course!).

  • I’m worth it” – you deserve to be happy. Know this, own it, and write it down. Whether you believe it enough now or not, it will improve as you say this truth to yourself every day. This affirmation will combat feelings of dejection or worthlessness. It will help you realize you are MORE than worthy of the joy you can activate from within.
  • “I see the beauty in my surroundings and I radiate love and joy.” This positive affirmation will help you to look up and around more, realizing the beauty that really is in your life. Joy will come in time simply from the beauty that comes in your mind, and then radiates outward in time. You can enjoy everything this world has to offer; all you have to do is give yourself permission to celebrate!

Thinking on it, have you been using affirmation to activate your joy? Or have you been doing the opposite? Affirming yourself does take practice, but with commitment, and out loud expression – even writing it out for yourself -, you will be able to make this into a habit that creates more joy in life.

Try it! Let me know how it goes. It may seem awkward at first, but commit and be intentional about your growth. You are enough and you’ve got this!

Peace, Love, and Joy.

KrisE Guest