Self-Care Journal and Action Challenge – 2020

Yesterday, in my efforts to promote love and joy in my life and (hopefully) the life of others, I chose to begin a week-long journal and action challenge started by a dear friend; Krystal of Of course, she told me herself about the challenge found on her website; and it is also listed on social media, where the link to the website also exists. I am so far finding that self-care, even when we as individuals know how important it is to our overall health, is still a topic that becomes evaded from our minds, for one reason or another. Too much else to do, too little time; whatever it is that keeps us from doing even one thing for simply the benefit of ourselves, it seems to do a great job of stressing us out AND pulling us even further away from the source of comfort from the stress – a true dichotomy if I ever heard one. To journal on the subject of self-care, and committing to an action a day towards its affect, has brought me closer to the topic, and to the realization of what actually does it for me. And we’re only on day two!

I won’t go into the full prompt as part of the series on her website for time management purposes. However, I will say it involved writing a letter to myself in consideration of all that is happening right now – from around the world to right inside the walls of my own home. Dealing with an unprecedented pandemic – and the anxiety it causes for many, including me and my suppressed immune system – is fully and entirely stressful, and let me tell you, I am not the one. Feeling the panic of myself and others can get a girl choked up at times. I will be the first to admit that I can sometimes feel as though I am suffocating, for multiple reasons. I am an extrovert who tends to draw on some of the positivity of other loving people for energy. Additionally, I tend to just be social in general, and need the fresh air to fall on my skin in droves at least once a day before I feel truly productive, as though I have done something worthwhile. Not going outside to be with other people regularly is beyond stifling at times. Still another issue is the ways in which this pandemic situation combats my whole mind. I worry about my health and the health of a host of others; fretting about the whole world can really be tiresome for one; indeed, suffocating as well.

Anyway, my letter dealt with each of those thoughts and ideas. What I would love to share with you in this post, though, are my hopes for the future, which I also wrote to myself:

“For the future: may there be more love, more peace, more joy, and more understanding. May even those not truly taking this pandemic seriously come out the other side of this craziness with the ability and the desire to show more joy, cohesiveness with their families and communities, and act with insurmountable love as much as possible. May we all do this so much more from now on. Also, and maybe the biggest hope, may we all – with all generations after us – remember this time, learn from it, and work together always to make sure that we are better and stronger for it; for all time.”

Hoping we all continue to work on our health and energy that creates increased happiness, love, and joy that we may then spread to every part of this world.

Please do drop a comment below! Let us know what you will be doing to appreciate yourself and increase your level of self-care.

Best wishes y’all,


Hi There and Welcome!

So, you may or may not have guessed that this blog is NOT about beer.

Whomp whomp.

Yeah, I know I may have lost some people out there. What can I say? I’m more of a red wine person myself. Or sweet rosé!

But trust me, you and/or someone you know can get something out of this blog. Life is all about loving it and ourselves and each other through times of storms and happy days alike. So… what does this blog have to do with that? Or anything, really? I gotchu.

But first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kristen Eileen Guest – or Kris -, hence ‘KEG’ in the title.

My life has been wrought with storm, whether due to illness, death and loss, or just an all-together bad day and time. I am still dealing with a life of Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, after an original diagnosis of Lupus at five years old, which eventually progressed. I am now 33. Over the years, Scleroderma and/or Lupus became most prominent, symptoms waxing and waning year after year.

If I was an adrenaline junky, into rollercoaster and death-defying experiences, this might have been a thrill…

but I’m not, so it has not been easy at all.

More recently, I lost my job as a social worker for homeless women and families after being inpatient in the hospital on and off for months. Truly, things have not been easy. But that just makes the journey towards greater love and happiness more real, right?

While Scleroderma creates some stricture and slowing of my organs, Lupus has caused inflammation that increases the varying symptoms of the overlapping autoimmune illnesses. Therefore, I have been receiving treatment the last year and a half for chronic small bowel obstructions, hardening around my GI organs and muscles, and chronic chylous ascites. More on all this and others later, if you’d like.

But for now – back to love.

The experiences I’ve had – good and bad – have all led me to this belief:

love is the simplest answer. It is the answer.

Love is way more than a simple feeling or emotion. It is an action, a calling on the lives of all humans. It is, of course, an individual’s choice whether to answer such a calling. But if each person did, or would, lives could be changed for the better. My life has been changed by the love I received throughout my life. Not only that, but it has been changed by the love I continue to give to and receive from others.

My life and work and explorations from here on are for sharing – with YOU! I hope you will enjoy and try out any of my shared practices, life exercises, and/or recipes (because, why not?).

Additionally, it would be wonderful to hear from you in the comments on your best practices for showing and receiving love. In all we do here, we shall be adding love; while continuing to take a lifelong journey towards love together.

Peace, Joy,… and Love,