Today is the Day: For Better Joy… or Worse

Today is the day of miracles, the day of wishes come true. It is also the day my beautiful mom left the earth and became our guardian angel. I’ve written about my mom before; yet, she deserves to have her name shouted from the rooftops. Her love and grace and the way she made everyone,Continue reading “Today is the Day: For Better Joy… or Worse”

Activate Joy with Holidays… Looming

Holidays are a time for joy and laughter and reminiscing and giving. And, for many, including me, it can also be a time regret, guilt, pain, and grief. There is space for both in your world, even as you work to feel and be better throughout your life. This post is designated to the waysContinue reading “Activate Joy with Holidays… Looming”

Did Someone Say Christmas Party??

Christmas is an incredibly hard time of year for me… but this week is so special! I get to be a part of something awesome, and you can be a part of it too! Might you be interested in getting my upcoming workshop (and so much more!) for $100 instead of $275? Keep reading regardless…Continue reading “Did Someone Say Christmas Party??”

For the Love of Gratitude: An Important and Impactful Find on the Path to Joy

In the spirit of holiday love and blessing, especially as this is the weekend of USA Thanksgiving Day – I am spending some time in this post writing on one of my five pillars of joy. Oh, did you not know I had five pillars as part of my role as a Joy Coach? Oops,Continue reading “For the Love of Gratitude: An Important and Impactful Find on the Path to Joy”

My Biggest Challenges to Finding Joy and What I Found Within Myself

Another story of my illness, and what it taught me… about me. A Heavy Topic in the Realm of Joy One of the heaviest questions I am ever asked is “What challenges have you overcome?” Obviously, there have been a few huge ones. But, given the state of this time in human history in general,Continue reading “My Biggest Challenges to Finding Joy and What I Found Within Myself”

It Went Well: Joy in Traumatic Times

Today I conducted a workshop and it went so well! I couldn’t have asked for more today as I set out on my journey to activate joy in others like I did myself!! I especially work with those diagnosed with – or experiencing in some way – chronic illness and having a hard time “comingContinue reading “It Went Well: Joy in Traumatic Times”

The Power of Affirmation

A look at the difference between affirmations and validations Times are difficult, especially now. With internal and external hardships alike that cause us to react in negative ways, it is even more vital now to be less emotionally responsive in negative ways and more positive to ourselves and others. Two ways of doing this areContinue reading “The Power of Affirmation”