I Write Because…

I Write Because… It is important – critical even – to remember why it is that I write as often as I do. Without writing, ideas would not flow as freely. Words would simply be held captive in my brain, manifesting only as free yet restless and frustrated energy escaping my body. I need aContinue reading “I Write Because…”

Let’s Talk About Pain (Babyyy)

*Note to My Readers: This has been an incredibly difficult month. Sometimes it’s expected, and sometimes it creeps up and hits you like a ton of bricks. What I am most thankful for in this endeavor – choosing to write for my own clarity and sanity and having you join with me in doing soContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Pain (Babyyy)”

The Beauty in Disappointment – Joy Activation is Near

When I woke up this morning – very early – I decided I needed to see something beautiful. My spirit was yearning for it and I decided to satisfy. At 4:30 am, I left to head to the lookout for a 5:24am sunrise. I waited a bit before I got out, making sure to stayContinue reading “The Beauty in Disappointment – Joy Activation is Near”

The Mess Before the Joy… Is Now

I would like to get very clear and specific here today: what has been going on in the US and the world is NOT “NORMAL”… whatever normal truly means. Too many sad and horrifying things have happened to innocent, unassuming people; from the millions and millions of avoidable deaths at the hands of what manyContinue reading “The Mess Before the Joy… Is Now”

The Reframe: For the Purpose of Activating Joy

It is possible that I derailed the joy train a bit last week. Acknowledged, AND… #sorrynotsorry. Sometimes you simply need to let out that bit of vulnerability. It creates some clarity around what is or is becoming important to you, even as it’s shared a bit publicly… Anyway, let’s make our way back to thatContinue reading “The Reframe: For the Purpose of Activating Joy”

Activate Joy!!… Huh?

Welp, it’s about time to discuss what I mean by “Activate Joy”. I know I’ve gotten at least a few of you out there confused. Why not just say, “Create Joy” or “Have Joy” for that matter? Because it’s not just about having joy; or creating it. You have to really put it into practiceContinue reading “Activate Joy!!… Huh?”

How DO You “Find” Joy?

Joy is an incredible thing. It takes enough work that it feels pretty satisfying to achieve; yet it’s not so much work as though to become impossible – trust me, it’s true! I’ve had several people, especially recently, ask me the question, “Kris, how DO you find joy when life can be so difficult andContinue reading “How DO You “Find” Joy?”

Self-Care Journal and Action Challenge – 2020

Yesterday, in my efforts to promote love and joy in my life and (hopefully) the life of others, I chose to begin a week-long journal and action challenge started by a dear friend; Krystal of http://totallifecarecoaching.com. Of course, she told me herself about the challenge found on her website; and it is also listed onContinue reading “Self-Care Journal and Action Challenge – 2020”