It’s About the Journey

*Short Post Alert!! It’s been a fairly tough week, so it’s time to get pretty vulnerable.*  On this morning, I lay in my hospital bed… again… inpatient for the past two days after coming into the emergency department with searing pain in my abdomen and an upward-heading fever (Covid-negative, woohoo!) The sunrise is amazingly, breathtakinglyContinue reading “It’s About the Journey”

It’s Not About The Outcome…

Now, honestly… have you ever thought, “I will definitely have so much [more] joy as soon as I get to Y from X. For sure!”? Come on; think harder. I know I have. In fact, I have a specific scenario in mind… When I Longed For A Specific Outcome As an adult, I do valueContinue reading “It’s Not About The Outcome…”