It’s About the Journey

*Short Post Alert!! It’s been a fairly tough week, so it’s time to get pretty vulnerable.*  On this morning, I lay in my hospital bed… again… inpatient for the past two days after coming into the emergency department with searing pain in my abdomen and an upward-heading fever (Covid-negative, woohoo!) The sunrise is amazingly, breathtakinglyContinue reading “It’s About the Journey”

It’s Not About The Outcome…

Now, honestly… have you ever thought, “I will definitely have so much [more] joy as soon as I get to Y from X. For sure!”? Come on; think harder. I know I have. In fact, I have a specific scenario in mind… When I Longed For A Specific Outcome As an adult, I do valueContinue reading “It’s Not About The Outcome…”

How DO You “Find” Joy?

Joy is an incredible thing. It takes enough work that it feels pretty satisfying to achieve; yet it’s not so much work as though to become impossible – trust me, it’s true! I’ve had several people, especially recently, ask me the question, “Kris, how DO you find joy when life can be so difficult andContinue reading “How DO You “Find” Joy?”

Let’s talk about Purpose, Babyyyy – Though Not Just You and Me*

Okay, yes, I know, I know; I gave a lot of myself away in my last post, about one of the most important people in my life. My mother is everything to me; even now. She has always been – and remains – my rock and strength in different ways. Yet, it’s important for meContinue reading “Let’s talk about Purpose, Babyyyy – Though Not Just You and Me*”

Self-Care Journal and Action Challenge – 2020

Yesterday, in my efforts to promote love and joy in my life and (hopefully) the life of others, I chose to begin a week-long journal and action challenge started by a dear friend; Krystal of Of course, she told me herself about the challenge found on her website; and it is also listed onContinue reading “Self-Care Journal and Action Challenge – 2020”