The More I Know…

Having received some inspiration calling to list some of my most harrowed life lessons throughout my journey to joy, I have decided to write them down and shared them with you, my readers. I am hoping you find some wisdom in these musings, and inspiration to add to your own journeys. *Please also note: theseContinue reading “The More I Know…”

My Experience, My Race: Healthcare Can Do Better

I tend not to speak out on my own personal experience with race, racism, and feelings around microaggressions I have had thrown at me. As much as I speak out against injustice and am a big proponent of love, support, peace, and joy, I notice now that I – more subconsciously than not – keepContinue reading “My Experience, My Race: Healthcare Can Do Better”

The Mess Before the Joy… Is Now

I would like to get very clear and specific here today: what has been going on in the US and the world is NOT “NORMAL”… whatever normal truly means. Too many sad and horrifying things have happened to innocent, unassuming people; from the millions and millions of avoidable deaths at the hands of what manyContinue reading “The Mess Before the Joy… Is Now”