1:1 Coaching

Given what the world continues to throw at us, sometimes we need more support and love than a few calls or even in-person group sessions can offer. That is completely okay, and I am here to assist, empower, educate, and support. My services are perfect for those who are committed to improving, working from within, and activating their joy! This particular service is for the utmost success in finding, creating, and activating your joy! I will work directly with you as a client ready and committed to your joy, your love, your meaningful life… your SELF!!

The signature package offers:

  • Two hour-long face-to-face sessions each month
  • 1 private phone session lasting up to 1 hour each month
  • 3 emergency sessions – phone or Zoom – per month
  • 2 half-day intensives focusing on your goal of choice
  • 1 full day (8 hour) intensive focusing on your goal(s) of choice
  • unlimited access to me within 48 hours via email for various questions answered, encouragement in action steps, and so much more

This premium package is offered to those who would like to gain serious traction 6 months at a time.

Other 1:1 coaching packages are offered at monthly and hourly rates as well, for further accessibility and convenience to all. Please feel free to reach out via email or simply find access to my calendar below to get in touch quickly!

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