Thank you for looking into taking the next step towards YOU! Now offering workshops for you and your community on ways to enhance your joy, gain time and energy, and decrease pain!

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Do you or someone you know need some support towards achieving your goals, realizing joy and power manifested in your life is possible, and yet you’re just not there yet? And even further, you’re not quite sure you want to, or should, dive into a complete 1:1 coaching package with me?

That’s completely fine! We can make it work!

If you are sure about the need to do the inner work (good for you for acknowledging and taking next steps!), then join me for a group workshop – interactive and fun, but also informative -, held live and recorded for those who miss and buy the plus package. I will dedicate time to the goals of those who need to activate their joy, to find those goals that will create the most joy for you.

Of course, individual sessions are also available, but this will give you more information and a deeper look into my style.

Find out how to reach me and sign up on my contact page by clicking:

Why Join A Workshop?

Right now especially, times are hard. Everyone is experiencing some sort of trauma in their lives, sometimes just by looking at the television or reading the news!

This workshop is designed to help you learn more! You will learn about the effects of trauma and the ways in which it truly can impact our joy and therefore our productivity and our further success in life.

This workshop, most importantly, is about joy. Increasing it will do so much for your feelings of meaning and fulfillment in life.

To discuss having KrisE hold one of her workshops with you, public or privately, please email us at

Benefits of Joy in Hard Times: A Workshop on Activating the Joy in Your Life

  • gain a wealth of information on obtaining more joy
  • leave with actual action steps
  • attain some of the tools to care for self
  • find out why joy is the solution
  • relax just by participating in some of the interactive steps
  • activate your joy!

Take a look at this blog post on how the last workshop went (and find testimonials on main page from previous participants!)!:

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